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How to Master playing Miss Fortune in TFT Set 8

After her absence in Set Seven, Miss Fortune has made a triumphant return in Teamfight Tactics Set Eight Monsters Attack! She has emerged as one of the most formidable units in the game, transitioning from a tier-three to a tier-four unit. With her devastating new ability, Bullet Time, she becomes a late-game carry capable of obliterating enemies with a single spell. In this article, we will explore the most effective strategies for playing Miss Fortune in TFT Set Eight.

Trait Synergies for Miss Fortune in TFT Set Eight

Miss Fortune in TFT Set Eight possesses two traits: Anima Squad and Ace. These traits are unique to this new set and activate special bonuses when triggered. Let’s delve into what these synergies entail.

Anima Squad champions gain fame for eliminating enemy champions, granting them increased attack damage, ability power, and five additional maximum health per fame stack acquired throughout the game. The Anima Squad trait scales infinitely as long as enemy units are defeated. By fielding more Anima Squad champions, you can significantly boost your bonus attack damage and ability power (10 percent with three units, 30 percent with five units, and 50 percent with seven units).

The Ace trait comes into play when you have either one Ace champion or four distinct Ace units in your lineup. These champions excel at executing enemies below a certain health percentage threshold (12 percent for one unit, 30 percent for four).

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Miss Fortune is the ideal champion to maximize both effects. With the Ace trait, she deals the final blow to enemies once they reach the threshold, accumulating stacks for the Anima Squad trait. Furthermore, her area-of-effect spell allows her to quickly rack up more stacks by damaging multiple targets.

However, it’s important to acknowledge Miss Fortune’s weaknesses. First, her spell has a high mana cost, requiring some time to charge. Second, there is a chance her spell may not target enemy carries directly, resulting in wasted damage. Lastly, she is a fragile target that can easily be taken down. As your primary carry, her death will render your composition ineffective.

Nevertheless, there are ways to mitigate her weaknesses, particularly by equipping her with the most potent items.

Best Items for Miss Fortune in TFT Set Eight

Miss Fortune relies heavily on her ability to deal damage and eliminate opponents. Therefore, her itemization should focus on either enhancing her damage output or increasing her spellcasting frequency.

One essential item is the Spear of Shojin, which grants a small bonus to ability power and 20 additional mana for every third attack. This core item is vital for Miss Fortune as it significantly reduces the downtime between Bullet Time casts. While items like Seraph’s Embrace or Blue Buff can also provide mana, they are less effective options.

The second core item for Miss Fortune is the Jeweled Gauntlet. This item dramatically amplifies the damage of her ability since it enables critical strikes, allowing her to reach the execute threshold faster. Keep in mind that if there are no champions within the spell’s cone range, Bullet Time will redirect to other targets.

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Once you have these two items, Miss Fortune will obliterate most champions with a single cast. As for the third item, the choice depends on the game state and available items.

Giant Slayer has proven to be the most effective item, particularly in the late game. As many enemies tend to build tanky frontlines to counter Miss Fortune, this item allows her to pierce through with an additional 30 percent damage. Similarly, Archangel’s Staff amplifies her ability power, enabling her to unleash more devastating ultimates.

Other viable items for Miss Fortune include Statikk Shiv, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Hand of Justice, Hextech Gunblade, and Blue Buff.

Comps for Miss Fortune in TFT Set Eight

When playing Miss Fortune, your main objective is to survive the early game and accumulate gold. Prioritize obtaining Anima Squad units as soon as possible, but any strong early team composition will suffice. For instance, combining Brawlers and Mascot synergizes well with some Anima Squad units like Nasus and Riven.

It is acceptable to lose some rounds and health as long as you do not dip below approximately 30 health before rushing to level eight. In the meantime, Jinx, Riven, and Vayne can serve as temporary carries if you have additional items on the bench.

Ranking lower in the lobby grants you priority in choosing carousel items, increasing your chances of obtaining the right recipe items for Miss Fortune.

Avoid spending gold on anything other than acquiring all available Anima Squad champions. By doing so, you will be among the first players in the lobby to reach level eight, which significantly boosts the chances of finding Miss Fortune.

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Once you find her, immediately place her on the field and equip her with the appropriate items. Save some gold to potentially find two more copies and upgrade her to at least two stars.

Simultaneously, ensure you recruit some tanky units to form a frontline. Champions with the Brawler or Defender traits synergize well with Riven.

The sooner you find Miss Fortune, the more stacks she will accumulate. This results in a tankier field that is harder to defeat, providing more opportunities for her to unleash multiple instances of Bullet Time.

If you manage to acquire Miss Fortune’s Hero Augment, you are likely guaranteed a top-two finish in any lobby. In its absence, a top-four placement should still be within reach.

In conclusion, although mastering the early game and building a strong economy takes time, the Miss Fortune TFT comp is a delight to play once you become proficient.

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