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New World Weapon Leveling Locations

In this guide, we will explore some of the best locations for leveling weapons in New World. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, these spots will help you level up your weapons efficiently.

Weapon Leveling Locations

The following locations are all viable options for leveling your weapons. While there is no specific order, the general strategy for weapon leveling is to use AOE (Area of Effect) abilities to take down groups of enemies. By training a group of enemies into a specific area and then using AOE attacks, you can quickly eliminate them. This method is much faster than killing enemies one by one.

A good weapon leveling area will have a high number of enemies with a decent spawn rate, allowing you to continuously group them together, defeat them, and move on to the next group.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended to focus on leveling weapons once you reach the level cap. This is because killing lower-level mobs will result in diminishing returns for both player XP and weapon XP. However, once you reach level 60, you will receive more weapon XP per kill when fighting lower-level enemies. It is advised to level your weapons naturally while playing the game rather than specifically grinding for weapon experience.

Misty Borough – Great Cleave

Misty Borough

Misty Borough is located in the southern part of Great Cleave, specifically in the Wayward Mounts area. When farming weapon experience here, make sure to pass by the Eeeriedune Graveyard before you start pulling groups of mobs. This area is populated with level 47-48 lost enemies, so proceed with caution to avoid aggroing too many. Each pull in this area will yield a decent amount of weapon experience.

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There are a few multi-level buildings in Misty Borough. Be careful not to get trapped in corners or on the stairs. You can jump out of the second-story windows to reach the kill area for the first pull. For pulls with multiple levels, you can also jump out of windows to continue the pull and reach the kill areas.

Defiler Excavation – Great Cleave

Defiler Excavation is a mine filled with level 41-43 corrupted enemies. There are three different pulls in this location. To navigate this area efficiently, follow the route inside the mine:

  • Pull Area 1: Group and defeat the mobs here.
  • Pull Area 2: Proceed to this area and eliminate the enemies.
  • Pull Area 3: Complete the third pull, then jump down to the mine entrance and repeat the process.

Hibbotsfield – Mourningdale

Hibbotsfield is situated in the northern part of Mourningdale. Here, you will encounter level 50 corrupted enemies. Additionally, Hibbotsfield has several corn fields, providing an opportunity to farm additional resources while gaining weapon experience.

There are several pulls in Hibbotsfield that you should make:

  • Pull Area 1: Group and defeat the enemies in this area.
  • Pull Area 2: Move on to this location and eliminate the mobs.
  • Pull Area 3: Complete the third pull and continue the process.

Channelview Post – Restless Shore

Located in the northern part of Restless Shore, Channelview Post is an area filled with level 44-45 lost enemies. It is a circular fort where you can easily run in a loop, grouping up all the mobs in the fort and then using AOE attacks to defeat them. Repeat this process for optimal results.

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By following these weapon leveling locations in New World, you can efficiently increase your weapon experience and improve your overall gameplay. Remember to prioritize player XP and weapon XP when grinding for levels, and make use of AOE abilities to quickly dispatch groups of enemies. Happy leveling!

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