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The Ultimate Marvel Snap Pool 2 Deck Tier List

The Marvel Snap Pool 2 is a treasure trove of versatile cards that every player can use to build a strong meta deck. In this tier list, we’ll explore some of the best decks that will give you the edge in the game. These decks are carefully curated and will help you build a solid foundation to become more competitive. So, let’s dive in!

S-Tier Pool 2 Decks

Sunspot Control Deck

Sunspot Control

The Sunspot Control Deck is renowned for its consistency and effectiveness in climbing the ladder. To dominate the game, focus on key plays like Sunspot, The Collector, Devil Dinosaur, and The Infinaut.

Start by building your power with Sunspot and The Collector or The Infinaut. On Turn 4, unleash Jubilee or Jessica Jones. Skip Turn 5 and finish off your opponent with The Infinaut. It’s a straightforward approach that yields impressive results.

If you encounter Killmonger frequently, replace Cable with Armor. Additionally, The Collector can be amplified with cards like Cable, Sentinel, Agent 13, and Moon Girl. Unleash Devil Dinosaur on Turn 5, and play Moon Girl or Odin on Turn 6. Remember, playing Odin alongside cards that grant additional draws will maximize your potential.

Apocalypse Discard Deck

Apocalypse Discard Deck

The Apocalypse Discard Deck revolves around the powerful partnership of Morbius and Apocalypse. Play Morbius on Turn 2 and ensure you have Apocalypse in your hand to greatly increase your chances of victory.

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Utilize Blade, Sword Master, and Lady Sif to bolster Morbius’s strength while discarding Apocalypse multiple times. This strategy allows Apocalypse to reach its full potential on Turn 6. Even if you’re unable to draw Apocalypse, utilize Odin to trigger Blade, Sword Master, and Lady Sif’s discard effects one final time. This guarantees victory in Morbius’s location, making it incredibly challenging for your opponent to overcome.

Heimdall Movement Deck

Heimdall Movement Deck

The Heimdall Movement Deck offers a diverse playstyle that is bound to captivate any player. Take advantage of cards like Iron Fist, Cloak, Doctor Strange, and Heimdall to manipulate the positioning of your cards, ultimately enhancing their power.

Kraven, with his unique ability, can easily amass 8+ power. Vulture is another card that can rapidly increase its potential. This deck allows you to gradually build power and overwhelm your opponent during the final turn.

If you’re looking to break through the meta, consider delving into a Zabu Deck featuring the Savage Land Season Pass. It’s a great option for players seeking a new and exciting playstyle.

A-Tier Pool 2 Decks

Sandman Ongoing Deck

Sandman Ongoing

The Sandman Ongoing Deck provides you with control over the battlefield, compelling your opponent to sacrifice their strongest plays. Aim to have multiple cards on the board before unleashing Sandman.

Assemble power with Blue Marvel and Spectrum on Turns 5 and 6. Sandman’s presence allows you to dictate the pace of the battle, restricting your opponent to only one card per turn, regardless of their options. Even if you fail to draw Sandman, a combination of Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel, and Spectrum can turn the tide in your favor.

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Once you acquire cards from Pool 3, you’ll have the opportunity to construct powerful meta Ongoing Decks in Marvel Snap.

Nova Destroy Deck

Nova Destroy

In Marvel Snap, card destruction can be a potent tool rather than a sign of defeat. The Nova Destroy Deck capitalizes on this concept, with Nova acting as the linchpin. When Nova is destroyed, all your cards gain +1 power, enabling powerful plays, particularly in Turns 4 and 6 when you have multiple cards on the board.

Understanding the difference between Discard and Destroy is crucial, as they have different effects in Marvel Snap.

B-Tier Pool 2 Decks

Jubilee Control Deck

The Jubilee Control Deck truly shines in Pool 3, but experimenting with it in Pool 2 will give you valuable insights into its potential. This deck focuses on controlling the tempo of the match and disrupting your opponent’s strategies.

Iceman, Scorpion, Storm, and Spider-Woman will catch your opponent off guard and hinder their plays. Even if your high-power cards aren’t initially in your hand, Jubilee’s Turn 4 play can help you draw them. Witnessing The Infinaut emerge after a Jubilee play is an exhilarating experience.

Best Overall Marvel Snap Pool 2 Cards

Mastering Marvel Snap involves leveraging the cards you acquire to build a powerful deck. If you’re new to Pool 2, keep an eye out for these game-changing cards:

  • Jubilee
  • Hobgoblin
  • The Infinaut
  • Sunspot
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Iceman
  • Storm
  • Killmonger

These cards can strengthen any deck and are part of some of the meta decks in Pool 3. They also provide great options for Marvel Snap Battle Mode, allowing you to challenge your friends with formidable strategies.

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Now that you’re equipped with this tier list, go forth and conquer the Marvel Snap Pool 2. Harness the power of these decks, and may victory be yours!

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