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Best Decks Featuring Ronan the Accuser in Marvel Snap (September 2023)

Ronan the Accuser, a powerful card in Marvel Snap, often goes underappreciated. This five-cost three-power card gains two additional power for each card in your opponent’s hand. Despite having the same stats as Devil Dinosaur and a similar effect, Ronan the Accuser lacks popularity. The scarcity of cards that add to your opponent’s hand hampers Ronan’s consistency compared to Devil Dinosaur. However, there are some decks where Ronan shines, and we will explore those in this article. We will cover the most effective Ronan the Accuser decks in Marvel Snap, including deck lists, strategies, and more!

The Challenges of Building Ronan the Accuser Decks in Marvel Snap

Finding the best Ronan the Accuser decks in Marvel Snap proves challenging for two main reasons. Firstly, there are very few cards that actively increase the number of cards in your opponent’s hand. Secondly, while managing the size of your own hand is relatively easy, controlling the size of your opponent’s hand is much more difficult. While cards like Sandman and Master Mold can help with this to some extent, once your opponent starts playing the cards you added to their hand, there is little you can do to stop them.

Master Mold Deck

A strong strategy for Ronan the Accuser decks involves pairing him with Master Mold. When Master Mold is revealed, it adds two Sentinels to your opponent’s hand. Sentinels, in turn, add more Sentinels to your hand each time they are played. This effectively grants your opponent two permanent cards since the Sentinels they play will be replaced by new ones.

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Master Mold Deck List:

  • Iceman
  • Korg
  • Master Mold
  • Scorpion
  • Baron Mordo
  • Mystique
  • Polaris
  • Maximus
  • Absorbing Man
  • Moon Girl
  • Ronan the Accuser
  • Aero

Sandman Deck

Another approach to preventing your opponent from playing cards is to utilize Sandman. With Sandman in play, both players are limited to playing just one card per turn. If you can successfully fill your opponent’s hand and then deploy Sandman, they will be constantly stuck with six cards in their hand.

Sandman Deck List:

  • Sunspot
  • Master Mold
  • Scorpion
  • Lizard
  • Electro
  • Maximus
  • Ronan the Accuser
  • Aero
  • Sandman
  • Arnim Zola
  • Doctor Doom
  • Odin

These are the top Ronan the Accuser decks in Marvel Snap! Now go out there and start snapping!

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