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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Royal Executioner God Roll in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch has brought about an unexpected resurgence for the Royal Executioner fusion rifle. This weapon, once overlooked due to lackluster perks, has now become a formidable choice thanks to the recent changes in Season 22. With the removal of a time limit on the Envious Assassin perk, the Royal Executioner has gained the ability to overflow its magazine capacity without any operational constraints. This, in turn, has opened up new possibilities for the perfect god roll.

Unveiling the Royal Executioner PvE God Roll

The Royal Executioner fusion rifle next to its statistics and a set of selected perks. It is equipped with Envious Assassin and Reservoir Burst, as well as a barrel and battery that is improving its stability and handling.
The Envious Assassin and Reservoir Burst combination can’t be beat. Screengrab via d2gunsmith

When it comes to PvE situations, the following perks are essential for a stellar Royal Executioner god roll:

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel
  • Battery: Accelerated Coils
  • First perk: Envious Assassin
  • Second perk: Reservoir Burst or Enhanced Incandescent

Envious Assassin, now free from any time constraints, is a game-changer. It can increase the magazine size by up to 150 percent, meaning you’ll have a surplus of shots to make use of Reservoir Burst’s bonus damage and explosive payload. This synergy elevates the Royal Executioner to a new level of power, making it a force to be reckoned with in PvE activities.

Incandescent, especially in its Enhanced variant, is also a viable option for those looking for a different playstyle. While it doesn’t offer any interaction with Envious Assassin, its inherent strength makes it a valuable addition to a god roll, particularly on a crafted version of the Royal Executioner.

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Mastering the Royal Executioner PvP God Roll

The Royal Executioner fusion rifle next to a set of statistics for it and a number of selected perks. It is equipped with Firmly Planted and Killing Wind, as well as a barrel and battery that is improving its range and stability.
It isn’t perfect, but it will be a reliable workhorse fusion rifle for you. Screengrab via d2gunsmith

While other fusion rifles may outshine the Royal Executioner in PvP, obtaining them can be a challenging task. With that in mind, the following perks will help you create a formidable PvP god roll for the Royal Executioner:

  • Barrel: Smallbore
  • Battery: Accelerated Coils
  • First perk: Firmly Planted
  • Second perk: Killing Wind

Firmly Planted, despite its nerfs, remains the best choice in the perk column. Although its benefits are halved for fusion rifles, it still provides a valuable boost to accuracy and stability, giving the Royal Executioner a fighting chance against its competition.

Killing Wind, on the other hand, offers a substantial range increase after each kill. This perk enables players to chain together kills more effortlessly, dominating the Crucible with the Royal Executioner. If you prefer a faster charge time after a kill, Successful Warm-Up can be a viable replacement for Killing Wind, catching opponents off guard and unleashing devastating bursts of fusion rifle power.

By following these guidelines and exploring the potential of the Royal Executioner, you can uncover the perfect god roll to suit your playstyle. Don’t miss out on this unexpected gem in Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch!

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