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How to Obtain the Scaled Set in Elden Ring

The Scaled Set in Elden Ring is an armor set that embodies the look of a noble knight while offering substantial damage negation and resistance. Despite its lack of intricate designs, the Scaled Set still exudes a regal and formidable aura. Obtaining this armor is a straightforward process that can be accomplished early on in the game by following the main questline. In this article, we will delve into the steps of acquiring the Scaled Set in Elden Ring and explore its impressive statistics.

Where to Find the Scaled Set in Elden Ring

To acquire the Scaled armor set, you must defeat a formidable NPC named Old Knight Istvan during the Volcano Manor questline in Elden Ring. Old Knight Istvan serves as the first of three NPC invasions that must be overcome, allowing you to obtain the armor set at an early stage of the questline. Locate Old Knight Istvan southwest of Limgrave Colosseum, beneath the Divine Bridge.

Scaled Armor Set

To initiate the quest to defeat Old Knight Istvan, converse with Tanith inside Volcano Manor. She will seek your assistance in dealing with the Fingers. Once you agree to join her cause, you will receive the Drawing Room Key. Proceed to the left hallway and examine the doors on your left until you find a spacious room adorned with two tables and a fireplace.

Adjacent to the fireplace, you will encounter a knight. On the table beside him, you will discover the Letter from Volcano Manor and a Recusant Finger, which can be used to invade other worlds. The letter will provide the location of Old Knight Istvan, situated north of Limgrave. The knight’s location will be marked on your map, closest to the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace. Traverse northward through the forest, utilizing Torrent to avoid potential attacks.

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Upon entering a vibrant red patch, you will receive an invitation to invade Old Knight Istvan. Accept the invitation, and you will be transported to Old Knight Istvan’s realm, where you must emerge victorious in battle. Upon vanquishing him, you will obtain the Rune Arc and a Furlcalling Finger Remedy. Upon returning to your own world, the Scaled Armor Set in Elden Ring will be yours to claim.

Defeating Old Knight Istvan

Engaging in combat with Old Knight Istvan poses no significant challenge. His attacks can be easily blocked or evaded. Be wary of his leap attack, where he leaps into the air and slams his sword down, as well as his area-of-effect attacks. Dodging these particular attacks by rolling away is advisable. Exploit his vulnerabilities to Bleed, Frostbite, and Poison damage by utilizing appropriate weapons and spells. Overall, Old Knight Istvan can be defeated with relative ease.

Scaled Set Statistics

Despite its accessibility, the Scaled Armor Set boasts impressive A-tier protection statistics, making it an ideal choice for early-game players. This Medium-weighted armor carries a weight of 38.

The Scaled Armor offers the following damage negation values:

  • Physical attacks: 31
  • Strike attacks: 27.3
  • Slash attacks: 32.3
  • Pierce attacks: 31
  • Magical attacks: 26.5
  • Fire attacks: 27.6
  • Lightning attacks: 25.6
  • Holy attacks: 26.5

Additionally, the Scaled Armor Set provides the following resistances:

  • Immunity: 131
  • Robustness: 197
  • Focus: 91
  • Vitality: 91
  • Poise: 71

By acquiring and equipping the Scaled Set in Elden Ring, you will possess an armor set that not only offers excellent protection but also exudes a commanding presence on the battlefield.

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