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Elden Ring: The Best Samurai Armor


Elden Ring, an action-adventure game, is known for its challenging levels and resilience, similar to other soul-like games. Progressing in the game can be daunting, with extremely difficult bosses to conquer. Simply wielding the most powerful weapon is not enough. The samurai class in Elden Ring provides dynamic ranged and melee combat to enhance your gameplay. However, to become an Elden Lord, you must equip yourself with the right armor. With numerous armors to choose from, you need to consider their stats and how they make you look. In this article, we will explore the best samurai armors in Elden Ring.

5. Black Knife Set

The Black Knife Set is famous for its association with the Black Knife assassins. These renegades are responsible for the collapse of the Elden Ring, stealing the Rune of Death and killing Marika’s firstborn. Additionally, the set includes stealth-enhancing elements, which are notably favorable. The set consists of four armor pieces: the Black Knife Hood, armor, gauntlets, and greaves. The chest piece enhances your stealth tactics by muffling footsteps and also features a transparent hooded cape. It has an average damage mitigation of 20.6 and an average weight of 21.8. The stats of the armor include Physical-22.5, Strike-21.6, Holy-22.5, Lightning-13.5, Endurance-108, Vitality-54, and Focus-54.

4. Land of Reeds Set

The Land of Reeds armor set is one of the most common sets you will encounter in Elden Ring. It is the first set you start with when joining the Samurai class. The armor is made up of iron strips held together, with fur being a typical detail used in medieval armors. Elden Ring allows you to customize your Land of Reeds armor by removing or keeping the fur, giving it a legendary appeal. The set consists of four armor pieces: chest armor, helmet, gauntlets, and leg armor. It offers excellent damage mitigation of 22.8, making it ideal for melee combat protection. The armor also gives your character a heroic Samurai appearance. It weighs 19.8 and has a poise balance of 120. Additional stats include Physical-19, Strike-20.6, Holy-23.6, Lightning-25.8, Endurance-13, Vitality-120, and Focus-130.

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3. Ronin Set

The Ronin’s Set is undoubtedly one of the best armor sets in Elden Ring. It is a medium armor with good damage reduction and is slightly lighter than other medium armor sets. If you’re looking for a relaxed samurai atmosphere for your character, this is the set for you. It includes the armor, greaves, gauntlets, and Roni’s iron kasa. With an average damage mitigation of 25, this set is slightly better than the Land of Reeds armor. However, it weighs 21.1, making it heavier. To obtain the Ronin Set, you must complete Yura’s questline in the game. Although you will see Yura wearing the armor, you won’t obtain it by killing him. The only way is to go to the Giant’s Mountains and complete the mission where Yura transforms into Shabiri. You can find the armor in the Ruins of Zamor. Additional favorable stats include Physical-23, Strike-23, Holy-25.6, Lightning-28.3, Endurance-125, and Vitality-140.

2. White Cane Set

Also known as the White Cane Armor, this set is made of iron plates with bands. It is a popular piece of equipment among the main disciples of Inabam, the legendary swordsman Okina. The White Cane Set is one of the most sought-after armor sets, possibly due to its appeal, even though it is found later in the game. The set consists of four armor pieces: Okuina’s Mask, White Cane Gauntlets, White Cane Armor, and White Cane Greaves. You can locate the armor in the Spirit Caller’s Cave, deep within the Giant’s Mountains. However, you need to complete a series of missions to collect the entire set. Additionally, you’ll need a stone sword key to access the cave, which can be purchased from traders or twin maidens’ shells. Finally, you can obtain Okina’s Mask by defeating Bloody Finger Okina in Mountaintops of the Giants. Although the set has a higher poise balance of 16, its damage mitigation of 22.7 is notable. Okina’s Mask also offers a significant boost in immunity at 159 but reduces your focus. Other stats include Physical-20.6, Strike-22.1, Holy-22.1, Lightning-25.8, Endurance-100, and Vitality-120.

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1. Briar Set

The Briar Set has the best overall stats among the previously mentioned sets. It perfectly balances physical defense and magical stats, although it is considerably heavier. This set may not give you the traditional samurai look, but players with a bloodborne structure can achieve this appearance. The set consists of four armor pieces: chest armor, helmet, gauntlets, and leg armor. You can access the set after defeating Elemer of the Briar, the final boss in The Shaded Castle. From then on, you can purchase it from Finger Reader Enia in Roundtable Hold. Additionally, the Briar Set is more effective in battle and has higher poise than other sets. It also allows you to deal damage to your enemy when dodging by rolling towards them. You can also customize this set by removing the cape. The Briar Set has an average damage mitigation of 25.5 and a weight of 25.2, considerably heavier. Its level of protection surpasses that of other armor sets. Additional stats include Physical-25.6, Strike-23.2, Holy-24.4, Lightning-24.1, Endurance-140, and Vitality-80. Combining the Bloodhound Step with the armor set can inflict more damage on your enemies.


In conclusion, Elden Ring offers a variety of samurai armor sets to enhance your gameplay experience. The Black Knife Set, Land of Reeds Set, Ronin Set, White Cane Set, and Briar Set are among the best options available. Each set has unique stats and appearances, allowing you to find the perfect armor for your playstyle. Let us know your favorite samurai armor in Elden Ring in the comments below or on our social media channels.

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