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Best Cards in Marvel Snap – Series 4/5 Tier List

Marvel Snap Tier List: Best Series 4/5 Cards

Knull Spotlight Variant

Welcome to our Marvel Snap Series 4 and 5 Tier List!

Series 4 and 5 introduce new cards to Marvel Snap, some of which are incredibly powerful while others are not worth playing. With easier access to Collector’s Tokens, knowing the best cards to purchase will greatly benefit your Snap journey.

Evaluating cards can be challenging, as some cards perform better when combined with others. Nevertheless, we will provide an overall rating for each card.

Note: The Tier List is not ordered within tiers, so pay no mind to the card order.

Series 4 Card Tier List

  • S Tier: Darkhawk, Legion, Zabu
  • A Tier: Knull, M.O.D.O.K., Spider-Ham, Stature, Nimrod
  • B Tier: Mirage, Stegron
  • C Tier: Master Mold, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Snowguard, Spider-Man 2099
  • F Tier: None

Card Commentary – Series 4

Marvel Snap Zabu

In this section, we’ll discuss why the cards are tiered the way they are, starting with Series 4.

  • S-Darkhawk: Darkhawk remains at the top of the meta and serves as the benchmark for a good deck. If any card surpasses Darkhawk in strength, the deck quickly becomes irrelevant. Darkhawk, with its 4-cost tech cards, provides strong answers in the current meta.
  • S-Legion: Legion, a recent addition to Series 4, has quickly become a staple. With solid stats of 5/8, below the range of Shang-Chi, and location control, Legion brings flexibility to any deck.
  • S-Zabu: Despite a rework that slightly reduced his power, Zabu remains one of the most potent cards in the game. Many archetypes revolve around 4-costs due to Zabu. In Negative decks, Zabu outshines Psylocke.
  • A-Knull: Knull is a staple in Destroy and Galactus decks, making him an A-tier card. Though not as versatile as Zabu or Darkhawk, Knull performs exceptionally well in the archetypes he fits into.
  • A-Modok: Modok revived the Discard archetype, making it playable to this day. While he fits into only one archetype, Modok defines that archetype.
  • A-Nimrod: Nimrod, like Modok, works well in the Destroy archetype. However, Nimrod is still usable in Destroy decks without being countered by Shang-Chi, provided he is buffed up.
  • A-Spider-Ham: Spider-Ham, a recent addition to the game, often substitutes Iceman in decks like Bounce. Though not essential, Spider-Ham provides a helpful boost to decks.
  • A-Stature: Stature is commonly found in many decks, especially in “midrange” styles. With the upcoming release of Silver Samurai, Stature will likely be included in more decks.
  • B-Mirage: Mirage isn’t a bad card, but it’s not necessary either. Some decks can utilize Mirage to help with the curve, such as Surfer decks. However, the 2-cost slot is fiercely competitive, and Mirage is usually left out.
  • B-Stegron: Stegron may seem like a meme card, but he has the potential to be an interesting tech card. Being 4-cost allows Stegron to fit into Zabu decks with Darkhawk. Additionally, cards like Miles Morales can be splashed in to benefit from his Move ability.
  • C-Master Mold: Master Mold is more of a meme deck, aiming to fill your opponent’s hand and create annoyance.
  • C-Negasonic Teenage Warhead: Simply put, Negasonic’s ability is too difficult to reliably utilize.
  • C-Snowguard: While Snowguard’s effect is interesting, it isn’t strong enough to make it into any decks.
  • C-Spider-Man 2099: Spider-Man 2099 is another interesting Move tech card, but executing his ability is too challenging. It’s easier to play Shang-Chi instead.
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Series 5 Card Tier List

  • S Tier: Thanos, High Evolutionary, Jeff, Kitty Pryde, Silk
  • A Tier: Iron Lad, Nebula, Galactus, X-23
  • B Tier: Echo, Ghost-Spider, Hit-Monkey, Jean Gray, Lady Deathstrike, The Living Tribunal
  • C Tier: Kang, Howard the Duck, Phoenix Force
  • F Tier: None

Card Commentary – Series 5

Marvel Snap Thanos

Now, let’s discuss the rankings for the Series 5 cards.

  • S-Thanos: Thanos is one of the most unique cards in the game. The Infinity Stones offer plenty of utility, and numerous Thanos archetypes exist. With Thanos set to be part of Series 5 for the foreseeable future, acquiring Thanos is a wise choice.
  • S-High Evolutionary: High Evolutionary is the newest Series 5-only “Big Bad” card. Like Thanos, High Evolutionary offers versatility by upgrading vanilla cards. Despite recent nerfs, High Evolutionary remains an excellent addition to any deck.
  • S-Jeff: Jeff is arguably the best 2-cost card in the game, providing immense flexibility. Almost every deck can benefit from including a 2-cost card, leading to Jeff’s prevalence across various decks.
  • S-Kitty Pryde: Kitty Pryde is a powerful card, frequently played alongside Angela, Silk, and Kraven to accumulate Power through a few low-cost cards.
  • S-Silk: With premium stats of 2/5, Silk is already an excellent card. Current move lists optimize Silk’s potential, making her one of the best cards in the game currently.
  • A-Iron Lad: Iron Lad excels in Patriot decks, where copying a “vanilla” card can be buffed up with Patriot. Nevertheless, Iron Lad’s powerful On Reveal effect makes him a solid card across many decks.
  • A-Nebula: Nebula is often seen in Control decks that aim to restrict opponent locations with cards like Storm of Professor X. While Control decks have fallen out of favor, Nebula remains a great 1-drop in various decks.
  • A-Galactus: Galactus is challenging to evaluate. As a Series 5-only card, he offers good value but fits into only one archetype, the Galactus archetype or Electro Ramp. If you enjoy straightforward gameplay with flavorful Galactus mechanics, he’s worth considering.
  • A-X-23: Although X-23 generated much hype upon release, she has yet to dominate the meta. However, X-23 is still expected to be a very strong card, although not top-tier due to potential counters from Armor and Cosmo in Destroy decks.
  • B-Echo: Echo’s recent release doesn’t suggest she will become a key part of the meta. For now, she is placed in the B tier, but if powerful decks emerge featuring Echo, her ranking may change.
  • B-Ghost-Spider: Ghost-Spider injected life into Movement decks. However, Move decks have not experienced the same success as other archetypes.
  • B-Hit-Monkey: Hit-Monkey’s viability has diminished since the nerfs. While Bounce and Sera decks remain decent, they fall short compared to other decks. Additionally, these decks are vulnerable to Wave, which may resurge if Bounce becomes problematic.
  • B-Jean Gray: Jean Gray is a recent addition. Though she finds application in decks like Thanos Ongoing or Silver Surfer, her ability to control the board and make things challenging for opponents is yet to gain significant traction. While currently not a top-tier card, Jean Gray might move up in the future.
  • B-Lady Deathstrike: Lady Deathstrike is a newer card but has not broken into the meta like other cards higher on the tier list. However, she remains viable and benefits from the Forge buff.
  • B-The Living Tribunal: After the buff, Living Tribunal has become a decent card. He fits well into Hela decks and combo decks that utilize Iron Man, Onslaught, and The Living Tribunal.
  • C-Kang: Kang, the last Series 5 Big Bad, unfortunately ranks the worst. While you can reset turns and “bluff snap,” it’s usually not enough to justify including him in a deck.
  • C-Howard the Duck: Although meant to synergize with Iron Lad, Howard the Duck’s potential upside is not significant enough.
  • C-Phoenix Force: As a card from a previous Season Pass, Phoenix Force is mostly limited to meme decks.
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That concludes our tier list for the Series 4 and 5 cards in Marvel Snap. These cards can be acquired through Collector’s Tokens or the new Spotlight Cache system. As Collector’s Tokens are valuable resources, consider your options carefully before making a purchase.

While some cards are stronger than others, ultimately, you should choose the cards you want to play with. Our tiers and analysis are provided to assist you in making an informed decision.

Good luck with your snaps, and we hope this article has been helpful to you on your Marvel Snap journey.

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Good luck in your games, and thanks for reading!

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