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How to Obtain Stasis Melee Final Blows in Destiny 2

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss how you can acquire Stasis Melee Final Blows without any hassle. If you’re struggling to figure out the best approach to get these final blows with Stasis melee, you’ve come to the right place. We will provide insights on the weapons and questlines that grant Stasis Death Throes, as well as the specific Super ability you need to unlock them. By following our tips, you’ll be able to earn Death Throes quickly and efficiently.

Acquiring Stasis Melee Final Blows

For melee-focused classes in Destiny 2, getting the final blow with your weapon can be quite challenging. To achieve Stasis melee final blows, engage in close combat and utilize your weapon effectively. The weapon you use to deal damage will depend on your class. For instance, Hunters will employ shuriken.

You can find Fallen scattered throughout Europa, with larger concentrations in the eventide ruins and the Asterion Abyss. Once you complete the primary campaign in Beyond Light, you’ll unlock Stasis and be able to unleash its devastating power against your enemies.

However, there are a few conditions you need to fulfill before using Stasis. You must have at least 50 combatants defeated with Stasis to activate the ability. Therefore, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the requirements. Furthermore, you need to be in a strike playlist with a minimum of 50 combatants to utilize Stasis.

To deliver Stasis melee final blows, you must use the ATTACK ability to vanquish your foes. Keep in mind that you need to be at least 15 meters away to execute Stasis melee final blows. The objective is to eliminate 50 enemies with a Stasis weapon to achieve the final blow.

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One effective strategy is to target enemies moving in a straight line and use your momentum to strike them from behind. Additionally, the Stasis subclass provides access to Entropic Shards, which enhance your Stasis melee power. These valuable items can be obtained by defeating a large platoon of Fallen in Riis-Reborn Approach. However, using Entropic Shards will consume some power, so make sure to utilize them wisely.

To complete Part 3 of the Born in Darkness questline, you must eliminate 50 Vex and Fallen enemies. Additionally, you need to dispatch 20 enemies with Stasis. Lost Sectors are an ideal location to encounter these enemies, although Public Events and general patrolling also offer opportunities to grind for those final blows.

Stasis Melee Final Blows
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Weapons that Grant Stasis Death Throes

In Destiny 2, Death Throes can be acquired by eliminating enemies with weapons from your subclass. Death-Throes is an uncommon but useful perk that provides a small bonus to damage when using grenades. It also enhances grenade energy and charge rate, allowing for quicker recharging over a short period.

To maximize your performance, consider stacking the perks. One option is the Verity’s Brow, a rare weapon that can be obtained through World Drops, Exotic Engrams, or by visiting Xur during the weekend. It is a potent weapon, but its efficacy in PvP is limited. The Verity’s Brow requires an Energy Weapon and has a short duration of only ten seconds.

Another option is the Necrotic Grip, which can be found in the Master and Legendary Lost Sectors. It rotates on a daily basis, similar to Exotic Armor. The Necrotic Grip pairs effectively with Thorn, as both have similar effects. Additionally, the Grasp of the Devourer can deliver substantial damage, while Strength plays a crucial role in melee encounters by ensuring continuous venom flow.

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Despite the mechanic of Throes, the Verity’s Brow might not become your go-to Exotic. However, it can excel in six-player activities. Death-Throes significantly enhances a Warlock’s grenade uptime and provides health regeneration, making it a formidable weapon in PvE scenarios.

Super-Abilities that Grant Stasis Shield

When your character’s health is critically low, activating your Super ability will grant you a Stasis shield and enable you to deal massive damage to enemies. The Arc Staff, which offers melee-focused abilities, is an excellent choice for delivering final blows with melee attacks.

Spectral Blades, a pair of Void blades that slash through enemies and unlock additional shield throws, also prove effective for melee encounters. For Titans, the Behemoth subclass excels in close-range combat. The explosive power of Stasis crystals unleashed by the Behemoth can devastate your adversaries.

Additionally, by correctly wielding a Stasis gauntlet, you can freeze targets with a shockwave or launch Stasis crystals to immobilize enemies further. Void subclasses are not exclusive to any specific class, but they have gained popularity due to the versatility they offer. The Void 3.0 update has introduced significant changes to each class, adding new features to enhance gameplay.

Previously a defensive class with numerous Void abilities, Titans can now utilize their melee attacks to eliminate enemies, causing them to explode and providing healing. Other notable abilities include the Sentinel Shield, which grants a wall of Void Light, and the Snare Bomb, which stuns enemies from a distance with a well-aimed knife throw. The Keen Scout ability enables precision damage with the Golden Gun and enhances weapon tracking, making it easier to spot and follow enemy units. Lastly, the Void Anchors increase range and duration, allowing you to shatter frozen foes or deliver devastating melee strikes.

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To maximize your shatter kills, gather enemies together and unleash your abilities to achieve multiple kills. Super kills are particularly effective, as all frozen enemies in the shatter chain become incapacitated simultaneously.

That concludes our comprehensive guide on obtaining Stasis Melee Final Blows in Destiny 2. We hope these insights and tips will help you master this gameplay element and achieve success in your endeavors. Remember to stay vigilant and adapt your strategies according to the situation. Good luck, Guardian!

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