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How to Regain Access to Pokemon Go in 2023

In this article, we will guide you through the process of submitting a ban appeal for Pokemon Go. If you have been banned from the game and want to get back to your daily hunts, follow these steps.

Reasons for Getting Banned from Pokemon Go

Before we dive into the appeal process, let’s first understand the common reasons why players get banned from Pokemon Go. These include:

  • Using emulators on computers or phones
  • Spoofing GPS coordinates
  • Sharing, buying, or selling accounts
  • Abusing the Routes system, such as creating routes in restricted or offensive areas
  • Using bots or automation software
  • Behaving inappropriately with obscene names
  • Using software providing unfair advantages like speed
  • Exploiting bugs and glitches
  • Using rooted or jailbroken phones

It’s worth noting that using a VPN to play Pokemon Go is not a bannable offense as long as you don’t manipulate GPS coordinates.

Types of Pokemon Go Bans

There are two types of bans in Pokemon Go: soft bans (also known as catch flee bans) and temporary or permanent account bans.

Soft bans and catch flee bans limit certain in-game activities for a temporary period, such as catching Pokemon or spinning PokeStops. In the past, players could remove soft bans by spinning PokeStops, but nowadays, waiting it out is sufficient.

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Suspensions and permanent bans, on the other hand, prevent players from logging into the game at all. Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, has implemented a penalty escalation system to encourage player reform before resorting to permanent bans.

Pokemon Go Warning

The first offense usually results in a warning from Pokemon Go, which you will see upon opening the game. This warning lasts for a maximum of 7 days and may entail consequences such as being unable to encounter rare Pokemon, receive new EX Raid Passes, or see Pokemon on the map or tracker.

After the warning period ends, your gameplay will return to normal. However, engaging in the same behavior that led to the warning can result in a suspension.

Pokemon Go 30 Day Suspension

If a player fails to reform after receiving a warning, the next step is a 30-day account suspension. Unlike the warning, this suspension prevents you from logging into the game altogether.

Although it is a temporary suspension, you can still submit a ban appeal for this type of ban. The appeal process is the same as that for permanent bans. Remember, engaging in the same behavior that got you warned and suspended may lead to a permanent ban.

Pokemon Go Permanent Ban

The third and final strike in Niantic’s three-strike policy is a permanent ban, which means your Pokemon Go account will be terminated. Regardless of the offenses committed, receiving a third violation of the Trainer Guidelines results in a permanent ban.

Even if you were warned and suspended for one offense but commit a different offense as your third strike, you will still be banned permanently. As the name suggests, this ban is indefinite.

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However, if you find yourself permanently banned, there is still hope. You can and should submit a ban appeal, as there is a chance that your ban will be overturned. Let’s take a look at the process.

Can You Appeal a Pokemon Go Ban?

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether it is possible to appeal a Pokemon Go ban. The answer is yes, you can get unbanned from Pokemon Go, depending on certain circumstances.

While the chances of recovering an account banned for hate speech or racial slurs are slim to none, there is a higher chance of success if the ban resulted from cheating, such as spoofing or using emulators. Many bans are not issued correctly, and false positives can occur due to GPS issues or Niantic’s inconsistent enforcement of their three-strike policy.

In summary, whether you want your permanent ban completely lifted or changed to a temporary suspension, you can indeed get unbanned from Pokemon Go. Therefore, it is definitely worth submitting a ban appeal.

How to Submit a Pokemon Go Ban Appeal

To appeal a Pokemon Go ban, you need to complete the entire ban appeal form on the Niantic Support website. Fortunately, the form is straightforward and easy to navigate. Once you have filled out the necessary information, click the “Submit” button, and your appeal will be sent to Niantic Support.

After submitting the ban appeal form, all you have to do is wait for Niantic to review your appeal and respond via email. Remember to check your Spam folder as well, in case their reply gets filtered.

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How to Appeal a Pokemon Go Ban for Routes

If your ban is related to Pokemon Go Routes, a feature that allows players to create walking paths or trails, you can follow these steps to appeal the ban:

  • Go to the appropriate page on Niantic’s website and click on “Routes Appeal” at the bottom.
  • Provide your name and email address for contact purposes, and click “Next.”
  • Enter your Pokemon Go account’s email address and Trainer name for identification.
  • Describe your Pokemon Go Routes ban appeal in the provided form.

What to Expect When You Submit a Pokemon Go Ban Appeal

It’s important to be prepared for some challenges when submitting a ban appeal to Niantic Customer Support. They can be difficult to deal with, often relying on their anti-cheat system and providing canned answers. They may not consistently follow their own penalty escalation system and can be slow in responding to tickets due to workload.

Niantic may claim that bans cannot be overturned or that they will no longer review your case or subsequent tickets after an initial review. While not every ban can be removed, we have helped many customers successfully recover their banned accounts. However, submitting multiple tickets will not increase your chances of success.

There are certain cases where bans are unlikely to be overturned, such as extreme toxicity or racial slurs in Trainer or Pokemon names, fraudulent purchases, or compromising other accounts.

When appealing a ban, approach the process with common sense, patience, and a cool-headed attitude. Stay polite, kind, and understanding, regardless of Niantic’s response. Remember to consider your account’s history and avoid any behavior that could lead to further offenses.

In conclusion, while appealing a Pokemon Go ban is not always easy, it is possible to get unbanned. Follow the steps outlined in this article and arm yourself with patience and a respectful attitude. Good luck with your ban appeal!

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