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How to Unlock and Get King in! is an addictive mobile game that offers a range of exciting characters or survivors to choose from. Among them, King stands out as the most powerful character with unique skills that are extremely helpful in Ender’s Echo mode. In this article, we will explore how to acquire King for free, along with other important details about her in the game. So, let’s dive in! King Skill & Guide

Before we delve into the methods for unlocking King, let’s familiarize ourselves with some important details about her. King’s bio describes her as a reliable lady who loves freedom and fun passionately. She was once an ace agent of a major organization and possesses the skills to back it up. Her fondness for spirits led to her dismissal from the organization after a failed mission caused by her inebriation. However, she was eventually convinced by Common’s mystery concoction to join the survivor team.

Just like other survivors, King has three skills that can be unlocked by upgrading her using King shards. Let’s take a closer look at her skills:

  • Survivor Instinct: This 1-star skill grants you an additional +8% Crit Rate for each level.
  • Sixth Sense: Upon activation of this 3-star skill, the Survivor Instinct skill evolves into Sixth Sense, providing you with a +50% Crit Rate and 25% Crit Damage.
  • Lucky Kill: This 6-star skill unlocks a passive ability that allows the Critical Hit to be re-calculated if it fails to hit.
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In addition, let’s explore the stat bonuses and effects you can unlock by leveling up King to specific levels:

  • Level 20: Survivor HP +1000
  • Level 40: All survivors ATK +5%
  • Level 60: Survivor ATK +600
  • Level 80: All Survivors Crit Rate +5%
  • Level 100: Survivor Attack +1000

Now, let’s take a closer look at the stat bonuses you can unlock by upgrading King to different stars:

  • 1 Star Upgrade: Default Upgrade, activates Survivor Instinct skill.
  • 2 Star Upgrade: Unlocks “Survivor License,” providing Survivor Attack +100 and Survivor HP +500.
  • 3 Star Upgrade: Unlocks “Sixth Sense” skill and boosts Survivor HP by +20%.
  • 4 Star Upgrade: Unlocks “Advanced Survivor License,” granting Survivor Attack +500 and Survivor HP +2500.
  • 5 Star Upgrade: All Survivors Attack +4%
  • 6 Star Upgrade: Unlocks “Lucky Kill” skill and increases Survivor Attack by +20%.

How to Get King in

Now let’s discuss the methods for obtaining King in There are two ways to acquire her: purchasing her with real money or unlocking her using 80 King Shards. Considering her high price, we recommend collecting 80 shards to unlock her for free. Here are four ways to obtain King Shards or Random Survivor Shards in the game:

  1. Ender’s Echo: This game mode offers a great opportunity to obtain King Shards. By playing in Ender’s Echo mode, you can claim chests that may contain random survivor shards, including King Shards. Additionally, this mode is an excellent way to acquire Energy Essence, a valuable resource for leveling up your survivors. Check out our Ender’s Echo guide for detailed tips and tricks.

  2. Ranking Rewards in Ender’s Echo: Another way to obtain King Shards is through Ranking Rewards in Ender’s Echo. Players ranked up to 9999th place are guaranteed to receive at least 1 shard, but the higher your rank, the more King Shards you can earn. Strive for the highest ranking to maximize your rewards.

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  1. Special Ops Coins: Special Ops daily event is the best way to acquire King Shards. By participating in this event, you can earn Special Ops coins, which can be used to obtain King Shards, gems, gold, tech parts, energy essence, and other valuable items. Visit our Special Ops Guide for helpful tips and tricks to excel in this event.

  2. Limited-Time Special Events: Keep an eye out for limited-time special events in These events offer some of the best opportunities to obtain valuable items, including King Shards. Make sure to participate in these events to collect more King Shards and other exciting rewards. In the image below, you can see 3 survivor shards as a reward in the “Easter Egg Collection Clash” event. King Survivor

By following these methods, you can acquire King without spending any money. Share this post and visit our website regularly for more tips, tricks, and guides on and other latest Android games!

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