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Legion Raid Guide: Conquering Vykas Gate 3


Vykas Gate 3 is one of the challenging instances in the Vykas raid, which consists of three gates. To enter Gate 3, each group must have eight players with a minimum item level of 1430 for normal mode or 1460 for hard mode. The entry count resets every Wednesday, making it a weekly cooldown content.

Gate Progression

Similar to other Legion Raids, your progress in Vykas Gate 3 is saved after completing a gate. This allows you to pause the run and continue from the gate where you left off at a later time. Additionally, you have the flexibility to mix and match the difficulty levels of the gates. For instance, you can choose to complete one gate in hard mode and the remaining two in normal mode, or vice versa.

Class Recommendations

Having a Bard or a Paladin in your group can significantly improve your chances of success in Vykas Gate 3. These support classes can make the gameplay smoother in harder difficulty content. However, for normal mode, support classes are not necessary as long as the group executes each mechanic perfectly. In hard mode, having a support class in each group can be a great addition, especially during Gate 3 where certain mechanics, like the typing test, can be challenging.

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DPS Synergies

In terms of DPS synergies, there are various viable options. Crit synergies, such as Gunslinger, Deadeye, and Arcanist, are always effective. However, it is recommended to have at least one class with a Stagger buff, such as Scrapper, Artillerist, or Destroyer. This can prove to be useful during Gate 1 and Gate 3 encounters.

Battle Items and Rewards

To prepare for Vykas Gate 3, it is advisable to have useful battle items like Whirlwind Bombs, Sleep Bombs, and occasionally Time Stop Potions. Upon completing Gate 3, you will receive specific loot based on whether you completed the fight on normal or hard mode.

Normal Mode Gate 3 Rewards:

  • Two Relic Accessories
  • One Relic Stone
  • 10 Fused Leapstones
  • Two Covetous Fangs (Legendary Material)
  • One Covetous Wing (Relic Material)
  • 2,200 Gold

Hard Mode Gate 3 Rewards:

  • Three Relic Accessories
  • One Relic Stone
  • 22 Fused Leapstones
  • One Stone of Chaos
  • Two Covetous Wings (Relic Material)
  • 2,500 Gold

In addition to the standard rewards, there are also bonus chests available for purchase.

Normal Mode Gate 3 Bonus Chest (Costs 800 Gold):

  • Two Relic Accessories
  • One Relic Stone
  • Six Fused Leapstones
  • Two Covetous Fangs (Legendary Material)
  • One Covetous Wing (Relic Material)
  • 600 Guardian Stone Crystals
  • 300 Destruction Stone Crystals
  • 900 Honor Shards
  • Seven Great Honor Leapstones

Hard Mode Gate 3 Bonus Chest (Costs 1,200 Gold):

  • Three Relic Accessories
  • One Relic Stone
  • 10 Fused Leapstones
  • Two Covetous Wings (Relic Material)
  • 960 Guardian Stone Crystals
  • 480 Destruction Stone Crystals
  • 1,500 Honor Shards
  • 10 Great Honor Leapstones

Beyond the regular rewards and bonus chests, there is an opportunity to roll on items with the group you cleared Gate 3 with. These items include crafting materials, Honing Books, and Engraving Recipes.

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Mechanics Overview

Vykas Gate 3 introduces several mechanics that require proper execution. It is essential to maintain good communication and coordination within your group. Here is an overview of the mechanics, in the order of appearance:

1. Cone Mechanic (170 bars and 74 bars)

Vykas moves to the middle of the room, and players receive blue or brown debuffs. Blue debuffs leave a light blue speed telegraph, while brown debuffs create a brown slowing telegraph. Players need to create a bridge of slowing telegraphs towards Vykas to avoid being pulled towards her.

2. Statue and Sword Mechanic (151 bars)

Vykas disappears, and several statues of her spawn in the room. Players need to identify the safe spots where a statue and a sword overlap to avoid a raid wipe explosion.

3. Typing Test Mechanic (135 bars)

Vykas stuns everyone, and players must complete a typing challenge. Failing the typing test can result in a wipe. Having a support class with Awakening skills can help overcome potential mistakes.

4. In and Out Phase (105 bars)

Vykas rushes towards the group in two patterns: cutting the ground with her sword and spinning like a bullet. Players need to position themselves accordingly to avoid the harmful areas.

5. Hunger Mechanic (115 bars)

Vykas starts the hunger mechanic, where players must fill up their Charm meter to 100% before a one-shot explosion occurs. Coordinating Charm puddles placement can help achieve this.

6. Frogs and Stagger Mechanic (105 bars)

Vykas summons frogs while players must deplete the stagger bar and kill the frogs. Players with a Charm meter above 70% can damage the frogs, and Charm puddles help fill the meter.

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7. Medusa Mechanic (Random throughout the fight)

Vykas uses the Medusa mechanic, where players must look away or look at her based on certain patterns. The goal is to avoid turning hostile by managing the Charm gauge effectively.

8. Tentacle Mechanic (55 bars)

Vykas teleports to the middle of the room and spawns tentacles. Players need to kill the tentacles within the given timeframe. Charm balls help fill the Charm gauge, allowing players to damage the tentacles.

9. Clone CC Bar Break Mechanic (2 bars)

Vykas disappears, and clones of her appear in the room. Players must find and focus on the real Vykas to deplete her CC bar while avoiding harmful mechanics.


By understanding and properly executing the mechanics in Vykas Gate 3, you increase your chances of clearing the raid. Remember to communicate effectively, assign roles when necessary, and manage your Charm gauge to optimize your performance. With proper strategy and coordination, you and your group will emerge victorious in the face of Vykas’ challenges.

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