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Unlock the Glowing Armor in Destiny 2 Solstice 2022

Solstice is an extraordinary event in the world of Destiny 2, marking the accomplishments of Lightbearers over the past year. A highly coveted feature of this event is the glowing armor set that captures the attention of every Guardian. In previous years, unlocking the glow was a result of completing specific in-game activities. However, this year, the process has undergone some changes that make it even more rewarding.

How to Unlock All Solstice Glows in Destiny 2

There are two types of glows available in Destiny 2: stable white glows and dynamic glows. The dynamic glows alter their colors based on the Guardian’s subclass, adding a vibrant touch to the armor set.

How to Unlock the White Glow for Armor Pieces

To unlock the White Glow, Guardians must fully upgrade their Solstice armor. The upgrade method this year differs slightly from previous years. Follow these steps:

  • Obtain the Solstice armor sets from Eva Levante at the Tower.
  • Equip the armor pieces and venture into any destination in the Director.
  • Engage in various events while wearing the Solstice armor set to earn Silver Leaves.
  • Once enough Silver Leaves have been gathered, participate in the Bonfire Bash seasonal playlist activity with the equipped Solstice armor. Access this activity through either the Director or the portal next to Eva Levante at the Tower.
  • Upon completing the activity successfully, Guardians will lose their Silver Leaves, but in return, they will gain Silver Ash.
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Additional event-related challenges must be completed to unlock Kindling, which can then be equipped on the Solstice armor pieces. The armor pieces can now be upgraded, with three upgrades required to reach their maximum level. Once fully upgraded, Guardians can unlock the white glow for their armor pieces in Destiny 2.

The white glow for this year's Solstice

One downside to the process is that it must be repeated for each armor piece, which can become slightly tedious. However, Guardians have the opportunity to undertake this process across all three classes. Interestingly, these armor pieces can be converted into ornaments using the game’s transmog feature.

How to Unlock the Dynamic Glow for Armor Pieces

Unlocking the dynamic glow is a more straightforward path. Guardians can simply purchase the ornaments from the Eververse Store using either 6000 Bright Dust or 1500 Silver.

The dynamic glow for this year's Solstice

Obtaining Bright Dust can be a bit challenging in Destiny 2, requiring significant effort and grinding. Guardians who desire these ornaments for all three classes must be prepared to invest time and dedication to acquire the necessary resources. However, the solace lies in the fact that these items can be purchased as long as the Solstice event remains active. This gives Guardians the opportunity to grind for the required amount of Bright Dust.

Unlock the glowing armor in Destiny 2 Solstice 2022 and stand out as a legendary Guardian. Show off your achievements and bask in the glory of your beautifully adorned armor. May your journey be filled with excitement, challenges, and ultimately, triumph!

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