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Lane Boots

Lane Boots

When Patrick Lane encountered difficulties in finding the hand-crafted boots he desired for his brand, he took matters into his own hands. He established a factory in Leon, Mexico, and began manufacturing his own boots. Today, Lane Boots stands tall as an esteemed brand in the western fashion industry, with partnerships with renowned fashion houses.

By Christy Nielson

Patrick Lane, the founder of Lane Boots, never anticipated being in the boot-making business. “We initially planned to source boots from other factories, but after three attempts, none could meet our standards,” Lane explains. This led to his transformation from a broker of cowboy boot closeouts to a bona fide cowboy boot manufacturer.

The inaugural pair of Lane Boots was designed and produced in 2009. Since then, the brand has exploded with a stunning array of over 300 styles. According to Daniel Amado, the vice president of merchandising, the spring 2016 collection features trendy vibrant colors, intricate embroideries, dazzling bling, and fresh fringe details. Amado describes the new collection as an eclectic fusion of rustic English riding styles with urban influences and classic Western detailing, reimagined into modern silhouettes.

Lane Boots

Justine Lord, the president of Lane Boots, proudly mentions the brand’s thousands of fashion-conscious fans who feel proud, confident, and joyful when they slip on their Lane Boots. For them, it’s not just any pair of boots but a lifestyle choice that resonates with their personality. The brand is instantly recognizable by its signature turquoise soles.

Lane Boots are meticulously hand-crafted using traditional methods and machinery at the company’s factory in Leon, Mexico, the heart of Western boot making. It is here that imaginative designs, inspired by haute couture, architecture, nature, and culture, come to life.

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Only the finest materials are used in crafting Lane Boots, ensuring exceptional quality and comfort. Premium leathers are carefully cut using advanced equipment to shape the various components and patterns of the boots. Artistic embellishments, including stitching, studding, inlays, and overlays, are meticulously added by hand before the leather pieces are stitched together. The leather is then expertly applied over the last and insole, creating the foundation for the comfortable fit that Lane Boots are renowned for. A hand-stitched welt is carefully attached to the soles, followed by the heels, tacks, and lemon wood pegs. The soles and heels are skillfully sanded and shaped in preparation for unique finishes. Finally, the soles are stained in the iconic Lane turquoise color.

“We take immense pride in the artisans who create these boots; it truly is artwork for your feet!” passionately states Lord. She adds that customers who appreciate the appearance of Lane Boots also revel in their comfort. Unlike other brands, Lane Boots require minimal break-in period without compromising on style.

Lane Boots
The Lane Boots production team in Leon, Mexico, from left to right: Rosi Muños, Isabel Marmolejo, Luis Marmolejo, Fabian Aranda, Jorge Fernandez, Daniel Amado, Justine Lord, Andrea Olvera, and Paulina Martinez.

The design and construction process is handled by a dedicated team of artisans at the company’s factory in Mexico, which was established in 2013. In addition, the headquarters in Arlington, Texas, houses another 15 employees and is poised to support the company’s growth. Lane believes that the people and the passion behind their designs, quality, and services are what truly sets them apart from other outstanding boot manufacturers.

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“We have built fantastic relationships with our customers, partners, and other brands. They have remained loyal, supporting our growth,” explains Lane with gratitude.

Lord attributes the company’s success to Lane’s inspiring vision and infectious passion. She praises his innovation, openness, and fearlessness in embracing both successes and failures as essential components of growth.

Lane Boots has also forged strategic partnerships with like-minded brands. Starting in fall 2011, Lane Boots collaborated with Double D Ranchwear to create Double D Ranch Boots by Lane. This collection, designed by Double D, complements their apparel line and showcases their distinct style and meticulous attention to detail.

Kippys is another brand that Lane Boots will soon collaborate with. The high-end design house is renowned for its ornate, one-of-a-kind custom pieces worn by celebrities such as Madonna, Beyoncé, and Steven Tyler. Additionally, Lane Boots is working on a collection for the popular boho and rock-n-roll-inspired lifestyle brand, Junk Gypsies.

Lane Boots retail at upscale Western stores, with prices ranging from $350 to $650 per pair. For more information, visit their website at You can also watch “The Life of a Boot” video, produced by Cowgirl publisher and video director Ken Amorosano, on Cowgirl Magazine’s website, to gain insight into the meticulous craftsmanship behind Lane Boots.

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