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Finding and Completing Side Quests in Diablo Immortal

Discovering and Finishing Side Quests in Diablo Immortal

Side Quests in Diablo Immortal are small tasks randomly encountered in various overworld zones. They become available early on, starting from Ashwold Cemetery, and remain relevant even in the endgame. You can find daily Side Quest activities from Taite, the Adventure Seeker in Westmarch, located north of the Rakkis Plaza Waypoint.

Different Categories of Side Quests

Side Quests can be categorized into two types: Emergent Side Quests and Narrative Side Quests. Regardless of their source, such as an NPC in distress or a group of monsters attacking, they are easily identifiable by a blue “!!!” icon in the quest sidebar. You can track and complete them from there.

Important Note: Stay Within the Activity Radius

If you accept an Emergent Side Quest or a Narrative Side Quest but stray too far from their generous activity radius, they will fail and disappear. Although they will reappear later on, you will have missed that particular opportunity.

Grouping Up for Side Quest Completion

When in a group, the initiator of a Side Quest will send an acceptance prompt to other party members. It is crucial to accept and group up to receive the reward upon completing the Side Quest.

Emergent Side Quests for Extra Treasure

Emergent Side Quests offer unexpected chances for additional treasure. They can be found exclusively in open world zones and are often encountered while traveling to another activity. You can categorize them into three types:

  • Wanted: A large, purple-named Unique enemy appears, and you must defeat it. Unique monsters are similar to Elite and Champion monsters, with dangerous Affixes and increased health.
  • Cleansing the Rot: A specific area on your map is marked, and your task is to eliminate 20 enemies within that region, regardless of their type. The marked area is centered around your location, so you don’t have to go out of your way to complete this side quest.
  • Break the Curse: A Cursed Chest materializes next to you. Interacting with it summons a group of ghosts that attempt to safeguard it. Your objective is to swiftly eliminate the Lost Souls and Gheists. Beating the on-screen timer unlocks the chest, and if you succeed quickly, you may even receive a bonus chest.
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Plentiful Narrative Side Quests

Each zone in the game offers multiple Narrative Side Quests simultaneously. These quests are easily discoverable, typically initiated by an NPC with a blue “!!!” icon above their head. Narrative Side Quests enrich the world by presenting short stories through a 1-2 minute questline. They involve slaying monsters, interacting with objects or collecting items, and engaging in dialogue, providing a standard RPG experience.

Rewards for Completing Side Quests

After completing Side Quests, you receive various rewards, including items of different qualities, experience points, and most significantly, Enchanted Dust. Enchanted Dust plays a crucial role in upgrading your gear and serves as a vital resource for character progression.

Incentives from Taite, the Adventure Seeker

Taite, the Adventure Seeker in Westmarch, offers an additional incentive to partake in Side Quests. When you accept her daily “Side Quests” activity, she designates three Narrative Side Quests in a randomly selected zone. If you dislike the given zone, you can refresh it for a minor fee of 100 Gold. These Side Quests are not custom-made; they come directly from the normal pool of Narrative Side Quests found naturally. Their rewards upon completion remain identical. It is advisable to complete these daily Side Quests through the Adventure Seeker due to the following reasons:

  • Battle Points: You receive a 20 Battle Points reward for this daily activity in your Codex.
  • XP, Gold, and Loot: Upon completing the three Side Quests, you gain additional rewards for your efforts.
  • Additional Chest: Most importantly, after finishing the three Side Quests, you obtain an extra chest containing 3 Enchanted Dust, an essential resource for upgrading gear.
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Elite Quests and Adventure Journals

Taite, the Adventure Seeker, also offers Elite Quests, which are longer, story-driven missions focusing on specific characters from the Diablo universe. These Elite Quests are unique and cannot be repeated. They provide modest rewards in terms of XP and Battle Points, with the primary emphasis on the story. To initiate them, you require an Adventure Journal, which you earn by progressing through the Guide section of your Codex.

Valuable Rewards and Side Stories

Completing Side Quests is easy and often presents intriguing side stories from the world of Sanctuary. Coupled with the valuable crafting material rewards, they offer an excellent reward-to-effort ratio. Don’t miss out on the daily Adventure Seeker activity to make the most of Side Quests.

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