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Diablo IV: Uncovering the Mysterious Refuge with Giant Tusks

Diablo 4 offers a captivating storyline, with one questline in particular that has players intrigued: “To Walk a Dark Path.” As part of this questline, the “At Any Cost” quest takes center stage in the Hawezar region.

Starting the “At Any Cost” Quest in Diablo 4

To embark on the “At Any Cost” quest, which is one of the 49 side-quests in Hawezar, you need to fulfill these requirements:

  • Complete Act 5 and reach the Hawezar region.
  • Finish the “To Walk a Dark Path” side-quest.

Once the previous quest concludes, open your map and you’ll notice a search area in the northwestern part of Blightmarsh. This is where the adventure picks up.

Seeking the Refuge Marked by Giant Tusks

Your objective in the “At Any Cost” quest is to find a refuge marked by giant tusks. This refuge is said to be where Curate Symon might be located. Pilgrims from the previous quest have mentioned this mysterious place.

If you’re eager to find the refuge swiftly, take a glance at the map below, where we’ve pinpointed its precise location in the northwestern part of the Blightmarsh area.

The refuge marked by giant tusks is found in the northwestern part of the Blightmarsh area

Upon reaching the spot, you won’t be able to miss the entrance with the prominent tusks. Proceed inside the Strange Refuge, where you’ll encounter some wildlife that requires your attention.

As you venture deeper into the refuge, investigate the campsite. On the left side, you’ll notice a Dusty Cot, in the middle a Destroyed Cookpot, and on the right, some Half-Melted Candles. Interact with all three to progress, then proceed to the Groaning Corpse on the right side.

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The Dusty Cot, Destroyed Cookpot, and Half-Melted Candles are found in the campsite in the Strange Refuge

The Groaning Corpse is a significant encounter. You can speak to it and engage in a battle, but exercise caution as this enemy is an Elite foe. Once victorious, collect the Acolyte of Rathma’s head from the ground.

The Acolyte’s Head will provide you with further instructions. Your next task is to gather nearby candles for a ritual. If you have trouble locating the candles, keep an eye out for their blue markers on the minimap.

Next, place the candles on the ground in specific spots, which are also marked on the minimap. The screenshot below illustrates the correct locations.

The three spots where you must place the candles

Finally, position the Acolyte’s Head in the designated spot on the left side and engage in a conversation with it to initiate the ritual.

During the ritual, you’ll witness Elias recounting how he vanquished the Acolyte of Rathma and mentions that both he and Symon must make their way to Backwater before daylight.

Congratulations, Nephalem! You’ve successfully completed the “Diablo 4: At Any Cost” quest, earning XP, Gold, Renown points, and a Cache. If you’re eager to continue the adventure with Elias and Symon on the “Turbulent Waters” side-quest, head to Backwater.

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