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Best Kang Decks for Marvel Snap

Kang, the powerful entity with control over time travel, is a highly sought-after card in Marvel Snap. With his mind-boggling effect, Kang can turn the tide of any game. In this article, we will explore some of the best Marvel Snap decks featuring Kang the Conqueror. These decks are designed to maximize Kang’s potential and create a formidable gameplay experience.

Kang’s Lockjaw-Thanos Deck

Lockjaw and Thanos have always been a powerful combo in Marvel Snap. Thanos shuffles one-cost Infinity Stones into your deck, providing versatile options for gameplay. Lockjaw, or other powerful cards, can swap these Infinity Stones into your deck, allowing for strategic plays.

This deck includes Sunspot and Quinjet as one-cost cards. Quinjet discounts all the Infinity Stones to zero energy, making them incredibly efficient. Sunspot, on the other hand, converts any excess energy into power, ensuring that no energy goes to waste.

Killmonger, Shang-Chi, Cosmo, and Leech form the disruptive core of this deck. Killmonger clears the board of unwanted one-cost cards, including any Infinity Stones that we do not want in play. Cosmo prevents opponents from activating their On-Reveal abilities, while Leech removes the abilities of all cards in the opponent’s hand. Together, they disrupt the opponent’s gameplan and prevent them from gaining an advantage. Shang-Chi is an excellent inclusion for destroying high-power cards played by the opponent.

She-Hulk and Chavez are great endgame plays if we do not have Thanos in hand. They are also powerful when pulled from our deck by Lockjaw. Additionally, She-Hulk can be played as early as turn four if we have not used any energy the previous turn.

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The deck is rounded out by Aero, who is easily one of the best cards in the game. Aero allows us to move opponent cards played that turn to her location, giving us control over the opponent’s power placement. Kang’s ability to determine where to play Aeros and Shang-Chis in the final turns of the game enhances the effectiveness of this disruptive deck.

Kang Galactus Deck

In this deck, our main win condition revolves around Galactus. Galactus is a 6-cost, 2-power card that destroys all other locations if he is alone at the location where he is played. This allows us to turn the tide in our favor by destroying the locations the opponent is winning. Kang’s ability to determine a safe location to play Galactus, based on the opponent’s actions, adds an extra layer of strategic advantage.

To play Galactus as quickly as possible, we include Psylocke and Electro in our deck. Psylocke grants us an extra energy on the following turn, while Electro provides an additional energy every turn. However, playing Electro restricts us to playing only one card per turn. Wave is also included, changing the cost of all cards to four energy on the following turn. This enables us to play Galactus as early as turn four.

To capitalize on the excess energy produced in this deck, She-Hulk and Sunspot are vital additions. Sunspot absorbs any unused energy, while She-Hulk becomes cheaper for each unit of energy not used in the previous turn. Shang-Chi serves as a key disruptive tool, destroying any high-power cards played by the opponent.

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Green Goblin and Hobgoblin are included to take advantage of Galactus’s On Reveal effect, which leaves one location in play. These negative power cards can be sent to the opponent’s side, reducing their available space to play cards while maintaining our own space.

Knull and Death are devastating cards to play post-Galactus. When Galactus destroys the other locations, it also destroys the cards at those locations. Knull gains the power of all destroyed cards in the match, easily accumulating a power of 20 or more by the end of the game. Death becomes cheaper for every card destroyed, often resulting in a 0-cost, 12-power card to play at the end of the game.

Kang Disruption Deck

This deck leverages Kang and Daredevil’s predictive abilities to control our opponent’s plays. Daredevil reveals the cards our opponent plays before we play our own cards, while Kang, played on turn 6, allows us to see our opponent’s plays in the last two turns of the game.

We can use the information obtained from Kang and Daredevil to play Professor X, Gamora, and Hobgoblin strategically. Professor X locks down the location he is played at, preventing cards from being added or removed from that location. Hobgoblin moves to the opponent’s side with a power reduction of -8, limiting the opponent’s available space and significantly weakening their power. These cards can singlehandedly win a location on turn 5.

In addition to these strategic cards, Gamora is another solid inclusion. She gains 5 power whenever the opponent plays a card at the same location she is played. Iceman, a utility 1-cost card, increases the energy cost of an opponent’s card by one. Shang-Chi is ideal for removing enemy threats.

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Storm floods a location, allowing cards to be played for only one more turn at that location. In combination with Juggernaut, she can win a location by moving any cards the opponent plays at the flooded location elsewhere. Spider-Man also prevents the opponent from playing cards at a specific location on the following turn, effectively hindering enemy combos.

Aero is an excellent card for manipulating card placement to win a location or disrupt the opponent’s strategy. Lastly, America Chavez provides a guaranteed 9-power play on turn 6 if needed.

These are just a few of the top Marvel Snap decks that you can build featuring Kang. Feel free to experiment and discover other powerful combos with everyone’s favorite time-traveler.

Marvel Snap Kang Decks

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