Game Onechilledgamer Best Hero Tier List[September 2023]

In this article, we will be discussing the best hero tier list, which ranks the top hero characters in the game. So, let’s dive in and see which heroes make it to the top tiers! Heroes[Characters]

Here are the heroes available in

  • Common – Starting Character (Free)
  • Worm – Season Pass (Paid)
  • Tsukiyomi – Season Pass (Paid)
  • Catnip – Christmas Carnival Event
  • King – Season Pass (Paid) Best Hero Tier List

The following is the tier list for the best heroes in

  • King – Tier 1
  • Worm – Tier 2
  • Tsukiyomi – Tier 2 ~ 3
  • Common – Tier 3
  • Catnip – Tier 4



King is a premium character in He possesses a 1-Star Survivor Instinct that increases Critical Rate for each level. At 3-Star level, his Survivor Instinct evolves into Sixth Sense, enhancing Critical Rate, CRIT DMG, and HP. Additionally, his passive skill, Lucky Kill, allows for a re-calculated attack if a Critical hit fails to hit. King is undoubtedly a powerful hero.


The Common hero is the starting character in and is available for free. One of its passive skills is Pointless, which increases all skill damage. This skill becomes more potent as the hero levels up, with a 3% increase at 1-star level.


Worm is another premium character in It possesses a passive skill called Listening Bug, which can be selected during battles. This exclusive skill allows Worm to carry a listening bug that reveals enemy weaknesses and increases the damage they take.

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Tsukiyomi, a premium character, wields the Moonshade Slash as its exclusive skill, which can be selected during battles. This skill unleashes a crescent slash of light, damaging enemies in front of Tsukiyomi. With this skill, Tsukiyomi proves to be a formidable hero.


Catnip, a premium character, possesses a passive skill called Medi-Drone, which can be selected during battles. Its exclusive skill, Medi-Drone, deploys a healing zone via a drone, restoring the HP of allies within its range. This supportive skill makes Catnip a valuable asset in the game.

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This article was last updated on September 5, 2023.

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