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Civilization Guide: The Korean Civilization in Civ 5

Civ Bonuses, AI Info, Strategies, Unique Units and Buildings

Updated for Gods and Kings and Brave New World DLCs

The Korean civilization, led by Sejong, is a powerful and unique civilization in Civ 5. Their bonuses and special units make them a force to be reckoned with in the game. In this guide, we will explore their unique abilities, strategies, and openings that will help you dominate the game.

Civ Leader: Sejong

Civ Bonus: Scholars of the Jade Hall

The Scholars of the Jade Hall bonus provides a free tech boost every time a scientific building or wonder is constructed in the capital city. Additionally, specialists and Great Person tile improvements provide +2 Science. This bonus is further enhanced by any +% buildings in the city. With this bonus, you can quickly advance your scientific progress and gain an advantage over other civilizations.

Unique Unit: Turtle Ship

The Turtle Ship is a powerful unit that replaces the Caravel. With a combat strength of 36 compared to the Caravel’s 20, the Turtle Ship is an excellent coastal defender. However, it cannot cross oceans, limiting its exploration capabilities. But if you need to conquer coastal cities, the Turtle Ship is your best choice.

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Unique Building: Hwach’a

The Hwach’a is a unique building that replaces the Trebuchet. With a ranged strength of 26 compared to the Trebuchet’s 14 and +1 Sight, the Hwach’a is a formidable unit killer. Although it is about 33% weaker against cities, it can still do a great job protecting your lands from invading forces. The Hwach’a can later be upgraded to Cannons and Artillery, making it a versatile unit throughout the game.

Playing Against The Sejong AI – Their Tendencies (XML Info and Flavors)

Korea is known for being a friendly civilization that doesn’t easily get involved in conflicts. They are peaceful people, and their Civ Bonus will still benefit them even if the AI doesn’t know how to fully utilize it. To establish a good relationship with Korea, trade with them, form research agreements, and maintain a declaration of friendship. They are loyal and forgiving, and stealing their city-state alliances won’t anger them. Overall, Korea is a self-sufficient civilization that stands well on its own.

Start Bias: Coast

The Korean Hwach

The Hwach’a units are excellent at defending key locations in your lands, such as hills. Their high combat strength makes them effective in combat and serves as a deterrent.

Strategies/Ideas for playing Korea

Korea is considered one of the best civilizations in Civ 5. To maximize their potential, make use of specialists, Great Person tile improvements, and focus on generating high Science per turn. There isn’t a single best way to play Korea; you can opt for a high Science boost by expanding with many cities or focus on a smaller empire with Tradition Social Policies for increased growth.

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The key is to prioritize technologies related to science and research, such as Writing, Education, Scientific Theory, and Plastics. Establishing Artist Guilds will help boost Culture per turn, and utilizing Great Musicians can further raise Culture.

Founding a religion can also benefit your civilization, so choose beliefs that promote population growth. Feed the World is an excellent belief that provides +2 Food to each city, aiding in growth.

One challenge with playing Korea is balancing the use of specialists while maintaining city growth. Ensure that your cities have enough workers to improve tiles and focus on farms and some mines for optimal production. Utilize trade routes to boost the food supply of one or two cities. Maintaining a strong military and defensive buildings is also crucial to protect your lands from invading forces.

To maximize the Scholars of the Jade Hall bonus, construct the following buildings in order: Library, Great Library (Wonder), National College (National Wonder), University, Oxford University (National Wonder), Observatory (Capital next to a Mountain), Public School, and Research Lab. Although the Porcelain Tower does not provide this boost, it offers other benefits, including a free Great Scientist and +50% to Research Agreements.

When selecting social policies, prioritize Tradition and Rationalism. Freedom is an excellent choice for an ideology as it boosts specialists and allows gold purchase of Space Ship Parts. Specialists play a crucial role in maximizing your output, and the Statue of Liberty provides +1 Production to all specialists.

Sejong’s Korea is a highly valuable civilization, thanks to their unique abilities. With their increased science output and advanced technologies, they have the potential to achieve a Science Victory. Share your tips and strategies for playing as Korea in the comments below.

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Civilization Guide Series

This guide is part of a series of Civilization Guides that highlight the strengths of each civilization’s specials and unique units. If you have any tips or strategies to share, feel free to use the comments section. Stay tuned for more guides on other civilizations in the game.

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