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Dislyte Floor 100: Mastering the Challenges with Strategy and Team Composition

Dislyte is an immersive mobile game developed by Lilith Games, offering complex mechanics that may be overwhelming for many gamers. With its stunning visuals and graphics, the game takes place in a futuristic urban mythological world. As you embark on your journey, your main quest involves traversing vast areas, battling enemies and bosses, and completing challenging Floors. In this guide, we will focus on Floor 100 in Dislyte and share valuable insights and strategies to overcome its unique challenges.

Understanding the Trials in Dislyte

Trials in Dislyte
Dislyte features a Trials mode, where players primarily focus on acquiring rewards and leveling up. It comprises five distinct dungeons: Cube Miracle, Ritual Miracle, Ripple Dimension, Sonic Miracle, and an Infinite Miracle. Each trial offers its own set of completion methods, levels, and rewards. Engaging in these trials not only allows you to farm valuable resources but also aids in leveling up efficiently without feeling bored.

Cube Miracle

Cube Miracle
Cube Miracle is a labyrinthine space that opens every two days. As you explore this maze, defeating defenders and wandering espers, you’ll encounter multiple tiers. The highest accessible tier is currently the third. However, exercise caution while traversing the tiles, as they are unstable. Once you step on a tile, others of the same level will disappear, leaving no path for return. It’s important to note that espers that fall within Cube Miracle cannot participate in subsequent explorations.

Ritual Miracle

Ritual Miracle
Ritual Miracle is the ideal place to farm various types of relics for your espers to equip. Within this trial, you’ll encounter three different bosses, each offering different sets of relics as rewards. The difficulty level of each boss determines the quality of the drop and the amount of energy required to begin the battle. Make sure to check the Dislyte Ritual Miracle guide for a detailed understanding of this feature.

Ripple Dimension

Ripple Dimension
Ripple Dimension is a newly introduced game mode in Dislyte. While raiding through Sonic Miracle or Ritual Miracle, you may have the opportunity to initiate a random boss fight within the Ripple Dimension dungeon. Defeating the boss grants hero ripples, which, when accumulated to a sufficient level, allow you to summon the respective esper. Remember to explore and destroy the Phantasms within the proximity to collect Esper Ripples. Each dimension provides up to 5 Esper Ripples. Keep in mind that Ripple Dimensions are unstable and can only accommodate up to 20 espers at a time. Thus, it’s essential to be prompt and early to secure your spot.

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Infinite Miracle

In the Infinite Miracle trial, employ your esper hero to battle against different enemy compositions, climb the ladder, and reap abundant rewards such as Gold Records, Spirimon, Starimon, high-quality relics, and more. The Dislyte Trials mode comprises the Spatial Tower and Temporal Tower. The Spatial Tower consists of 100 floors, while the Temporal Tower has 50 floors.

Spatial Tower: Conquering Dislyte’s Floor 100

Floor 100 in Spatial Tower
Spatial Tower is a vital career mode in Dislyte, making it essential to complete, even if you are initially hesitant. The tower comprises 100 challenging levels, and upon clearing each level, you will receive rewards based on difficulty and unlock the next level. Every ten floors, you will earn significant rewards. Remember that each floor in Spatial Tower can only be challenged once, with no option for reattempting. Additionally, friend assist is unavailable within the tower.

As Spatial Tower holds a central position in Dislyte, it’s crucial to devise a powerful team composition. While the early floors can be completed using the automatic mode, floor 80 and beyond may require additional effort. However, Floor 100 poses a unique complexity that demands a comprehensive understanding of effective strategies to defeat the final boss.

Rewards in Spatial Tower

Although each level in Spatial Tower offers its own reward, completing every ten floors grants you a special reward. Here are the special rewards you can expect to earn:

  • 10: Gold Record x1
  • 20: 4-star Starimon
  • 30: Gold Record x2
  • 40: Epic Spirimon x2
  • 50: Gold Record x2
  • 60: 5-star Starimon x2
  • 70: Gold Record x3
  • 80: 6-star Wind Walker Set
  • 90: Gold Record x3
  • 100: Lucas

Strategies to Clear Floor 100 in Dislyte

On Floor 100, you will encounter Phobetor, the final boss. To secure victory, it is crucial to focus on eliminating the minions first. The minion on the right side poses a substantial threat to your health over time if left unchecked. Once the minion on the right is defeated, the battle becomes more manageable.

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The minion possesses shields that enable the boss to restore health and deal devastating damage. It is vital to clear these shields promptly to prevent the boss from absorbing them and inflicting damage. While the minion on the left is less troublesome, it is advisable to eliminate it as well, as it may remove shields, giving the boss an opportunity to absorb them.

Understanding Phobetor: Dislyte’s Final Boss

Before facing Phobetor, it is essential to familiarize yourself with his abilities and understand what to expect during the battle. Phobetor employs a set rotational attack pattern, making his moves relatively predictable. Here are Phobetor’s main skills:

  1. Animitta: Phobetor attacks an enemy twice, with a chance of inflicting DEF Down for two turns.
  2. Howling Nightmare: Phobetor launches an AoE attack on four enemies, potentially reducing their AP with each hit. Additionally, he applies DEF Up for two turns and grants Life Shield to all his followers. If all followers are defeated, Phobetor will use the Life Shield on himself.
  3. Restless Night: Phobetor removes all debuffs, attempting to absorb all Life Shields present on the battleground. Upon successful absorption, he attacks all enemies three times, dispelling one buff with each hit. He also delivers an additional attack on a random enemy. The damage inflicted increases with the number of absorbed Life Shields. In case the absorption fails, Phobetor inflicts Stun for one turn.

Phobetor’s followers possess their own unique attacks. When buffed by Life Shield, their abilities are enhanced. The right-side follower possesses Deadly Silence, attacking espers twice with a chance to inflict ATK Down for two turns. It can also apply a health ceiling debuff, reducing your esper’s health. The follower gains the ability to recover some health and grant Phobetor an additional ATK after death through the Ring of Terror.

The left-side follower possesses Gruesome Nightmare, targeting a single esper while boosting Phobetor’s AP. When buffed by Life Shield, it gains the ability to inflict Stun. The Lightning Ring grants Phobetor an additional SPD while alive or an additional ATK after death.

Overcoming Phobetor: Strategies and Recommendations

To defeat Phobetor, various strategies can be employed. One common approach is to solely focus on Phobetor, attacking him while ignoring his followers, unless they acquire a Life Shield. This minimizes the damage Phobetor deals and enables a swift battle. However, this strategy requires adept healing and high damage output, as neglecting the followers can overwhelm your team.

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Another strategy involves defeating the followers before engaging Phobetor directly. Only target the followers when they obtain a Life Shield, reducing the negative effects and incoming debuffs. Take note that if a follower is defeated, Phobetor gains an ATK increase, resulting in increased damage. This strategy necessitates more healing and careful shield-breaking.

A combination of both strategies involves simultaneous focus on Phobetor and his followers. This approach reduces debuffs and negative effects but entails some drawbacks. It is the most time-consuming method, and Phobetor will acquire a Life Shield if his followers are defeated, necessitating shield-breaking. However, this method is less preferable due to its inherent challenges.

Regardless of the chosen strategy, it is recommended to prioritize the right-side follower if a Life Shield is present. This minimizes the chances of the HP Ceiling debuff, which rapidly decreases your espers’ health and renders them susceptible to being one-shot by Phobetor and his followers. Additionally, ensure that you deal sufficient damage to the followers, removing the gold border buff visible above their health bars. This indicates the absence of an active Life Shield when Phobetor takes his turn.

Recommended Espers for Dislyte Floor 100

For Dislyte’s Floor 100, consider utilizing the following espers, which can be obtained for free:

  • Lauren, Sally, Li Ling, Lin Xiao, Ye Suhua
  • Gabrielle, Li Ling, Lin Xiao, Asenath, Ye Suhua

If you lack espers capable of applying an Immunity Buff, you can opt for Espers like Fabrice (Freyr) or Gabrielle (Njord). Additionally, if your espers struggle with providing team buffs or sustaining damage, consider looking for ripple dimensions of Ye Suhua (Shao Siming) through the World Chat.

It is worth noting that understanding gameplay and team composition is crucial for success. For a more in-depth understanding of team compositions, consult the Dislyte Best Teams guide.

Tips for Success on Floor 100

If you encounter difficulties, small adjustments can make a significant difference. Upgrade your relics for enhanced power, and acquire stronger relics by farming Kronos and Apep. Ensure that at least two espers in your team possess healing abilities. Unlock Ascension Phase 6 for your espers, which offers stat increases. Include at least two DPS espers, preferably with AoE abilities, to maximize damage output and clear waves efficiently.

Ensure that your espers are level 60 to maximize their stats. Consider selecting an esper with a captain ability that provides a bonus to health percentage, such as Gabrielle (Njord), whose captain ability increases allies’ health by 30%.

Armed with this comprehensive guide, you are now well-equipped to conquer Dislyte’s Floor 100. Remember, success in Dislyte relies on your team composition and the strategic choices you make. Good luck on your journey!

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