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Kill It With Fire: A Guide to First Contact


Are you ready to face the creepy crawlies in Kill It With Fire? In this guide, we’ll dive straight into the first chapter of the game, called “First Contact.” With no items at our disposal initially, we’ll explore the world and discover the tools we need to eliminate these pesky spiders. Get ready to embark on a thrilling arachnid adventure!

First Contact

Once you’ve loaded up the game, we’ll find ourselves in the midst of the action. Our first objective is to kill a spider. Look around the room and interact with objects by pressing the designated button. Pick up the nearby vase, holding it in your hands with the ability to rotate it to expose any lurking spiders. Be prepared, as these eight-legged creatures are known for hiding beneath objects.

Open the draws to uncover our first crawling enemy. These basic black spiders are just one of the many types you’ll encounter throughout the game. Killing each type of spider is an achievement in itself. Once the spider scurries away under the door, proceed to the living room. In front of you, a bookshelf holds your first piece of equipment and task manager, the Clipboard. This versatile item serves as a weapon and helps keep track of your objectives. Equip it by pressing the assigned button.

Glancing at the Clipboard, our initial objective becomes clear: kill a spider. You might still see the previous spider roaming the area, so take aim with the Clipboard and swing it twice to squash the arachnid. If the spider eludes you, search for it by rotating objects until you spot it. Keep your ears open, as spiders make audible sounds when nearby.

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Once you’ve eliminated your first spider, the next objective appears: “Get the Spider Tracker.” Unlock the Closet, indicated by a door with a number 1 as the target, and find the Tracker inside. With the Tracker in hand, we can now detect spiders to some extent. Point it in a direction, and a series of bars will light up, indicating the proximity to a spider. The more bars, the closer the spider.

After obtaining the Tracker and completing our second objective, the third objective arises: “Find more firepower.” To gain access to the Bathroom, we must kill four spiders. Use the Tracker to locate and kill one more spider, achieving a total kill count of 2. This allows us to open the left-side Cabinet on the Living Room’s TV Stand, where we discover our first Upgrade, the Flashlight. (Note: The DLC version may include a different item.) While irrelevant to this chapter, the flashlight illuminates dark rooms.

Having acquired the Upgrade, open the right-side Cabinet of the TV Stand to reveal our fifth objective, “Throw the Book at Em.” This task requires us to kill a spider by tossing a book at it. Since we still need two more kills to access the Bathroom, grab a book from one of the shelves and aim at the spider. Hitting it twice will ensure its demise and enable completion of the objective. Now, with three spiders vanquished, track down and kill a fourth to gain entry to the Bathroom, marked by a door with a number 4 in the crosshairs.

Inside the Bathroom, on top of the cabinet, lies our third piece of equipment: the Hairspray. This fiery weapon acts as a mini-flamethrower, causing spiders to panic and screech until they perish. Remember, a brief tap on the button ignites a spider, while holding it wastes valuable fuel. Additional fuel can be found in the cabinet where the Hairspray was discovered. With the Hairspray in our possession, we also fulfill our fourth and final objective: “Get Warmed Up.” This entails burning 20 objects, so feel free to set a few ablaze throughout the chapter. Just remember to tap, not hold the button, to avoid depleting your fuel prematurely and facing a chapter restart.

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As this marks our second weapon in the game, let’s learn how to swap and assign weapons. Use the designated buttons to switch between equipped weapons. Pressing the assigned button opens the weapon menu, allowing you to highlight the desired weapon and move the “Assign” icon to a specific weapon slot. Press the button again to confirm the assignment. Keep in mind that more than nine weapons will become available, making this lesson vital.

With that covered, return to the Living Room and unleash your musical side by hitting the piano keys with the Clipboard. Achieve this, and you’ll unlock the “Ragtime” achievement. Turn around to find a locked drawer near the windows, demanding the completion of four objectives to unlock it. Behind this drawer lies our fourth piece of equipment, the Revolver.

Now, the only task left in this chapter is the Arachno-Gauntlet. Return to the Bathroom and move the laundry basket aside to discover the AG. Each Arachno-Gauntlet presents a specific challenge to complete within a time limit. For this chapter, the challenge is to shoot five spiders with the Revolver without reloading, all within one minute. This becomes manageable if you anticipate the spiders’ movements and line up your shots in advance.

Once accomplished, double-check the “Final Check” section below to confirm you haven’t missed anything. Head towards the Exit Door and open it with a total kill count of ten spiders to complete the level. Remember, even if you haven’t collected everything in a level, your progress and accomplishments will be retained. The doors, except for the Exit Door, will remain unlocked.

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Final Check

  • Equipment: 4/4 (Clipboard, Tracker, Hairspray, Revolver)
  • Objectives: 5/5
  • Upgrades: 1/1 (Flashlight)
  • Arachno-Gauntlet: Complete

Video Walkthrough

For visual assistance, refer to the video walkthrough accompanying this guide.

Disclaimer: The article features screenshots from the original post.

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