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Dislyte Elements: A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining, Types, and Cards

Dislyte, the highly popular RPG game, has taken the gaming world by storm on both the Playstore and Apple app store. Developed by the renowned LilithGames, creators of the critically acclaimed AFKArena and Rise of Kingdoms, Dislyte offers strategic turn-based combat with stunning visuals. The game’s characters and setting are inspired by historical mythologies with a modern twist. With over 60 unique heroes to choose from, the game revolves around the elements and their crucial role in the gameplay.

Understanding Elements in Dislyte

In Dislyte, elements are the foundation of your Esper’s abilities and play a vital role in combat. Similar to status ailments, elements can be used to inflict debuffs on enemies and provide resistance during battles. They can be advantageous or disadvantageous in tough boss fights. Additionally, elements also tie into elemental waves, which we will explain further.

Exploring the Types of Elements in Dislyte

Dislyte features four types of elements that define the main attributes of Espers. These elements differentiate characters and are crucial to understanding their abilities and kits. Legendary characters like Tang Xuan and Li Ling have their abilities categorized based on their elements. Therefore, elements play a major role in character progression and strategy in Dislyte.

During combat, players can utilize elements in various ways. They can apply them as status debuffs to their attacks and exploit boss weaknesses for extra damage. Understanding how elements can greatly impact combat is essential. Moreover, elemental counters further expand on this concept, which we will discuss later in this guide.

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Unveiling Elemental Countering in Dislyte

The four elements in Dislyte have a counter system based on a triangular relationship. Each element counteracts another in a specific order. However, Shimmer is the only element that cannot be countered or exploited in any way. Familiarizing yourself with this system is crucial for the game’s mid-to-late battles. During the preparation phase, it is advisable to choose a team with different elements to easily identify enemy weaknesses.

Maintaining a neutral consensus by having one of each element in your team can be advantageous. With a team of four Espers covering all the essential elements, you can maximize your damage output during difficult fights where enemies are weak to specific elements.

Advantages of Element Countering

The elemental counter system offers several advantages for your team. If your Espers possess an advantageous element against the enemy, they gain a +15% chance of triggering a critical strike. Additionally, they deal an extra 50% counter damage to enemies. Paying attention to the elements of the enemy team is crucial in every battle. Replace any weak links to ensure optimal damage per second (DPS).

Disadvantages of Element Countering

While having a superior element provides great advantages, there are some inconveniences to consider. Espers countered by opposing elements will suffer from an unfavorable debuff, resulting in a 50% chance of missing an attack. However, the impact of this debuff is mitigated by other factors, such as Critical Rate and Speed. Experimenting with different teams and strategies is key to maximizing your odds of success.

Obtaining Elemental Waves in Dislyte

Elemental Waves are essential items used for ascension in Dislyte. Ascending your Esper is necessary to keep them up-to-date for higher difficulty battles. Ascension not only boosts character stats but also adds a permanent buff at Level 3.

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Elemental Waves can be obtained by defeating the weekly bosses known as Sonic Miracles or Divine Waves. These bosses drop elemental waves, which are crucial tools for strengthening your Espers. Farming these bosses throughout the week is highly beneficial. By collecting as many elemental waves as possible, you can ascend new characters immediately and ensure a well-rounded roster.

Elemental Waves Farming Tips

Efficient farming of Divine Waves requires stamina, which is needed to attempt battles in Dislyte. Since these bosses are available on specific days, it is crucial to conserve your stamina. Preparing a well-equipped team of Espers capable of defeating the bosses easily is key to optimizing your farming efficiency.

Another way to increase your chances of obtaining more elemental waves is by using the Elemental Wave Booster item. This grants a 1-hour collection bonus of 100% for Divine waves. Completing bounty quests for Union Divisions like ‘XHZ’ and redeeming in-game codes can also reward you with elemental wave collections.

Elemental Fragment Cards

Elemental Fragment Cards are the latest addition to Dislyte’s gameplay. Introduced in Ver 1.2, these cards allow players to summon additional Espers. By sending a wish card obtained from wish stickers, players can choose from elements like Inferno, Flow, Wind, and Shimmer. Acquiring three wish stickers enables you to redeem them for a Wish card that contains record fragments. Combining 20 fragments of the same element creates a complete record, which can be used to summon a random 3-5 star Esper. Wish Stickers can be obtained through Club sign-ins, Daily Tasks, and the Friendship Shop.

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This comprehensive guide has provided an in-depth understanding of the elements in Dislyte. We have covered the types of elements, their role in combat, and the strategies involving elemental counter systems. Additionally, we have shared tips on farming elemental waves and utilizing elemental fragment cards. With this knowledge, you are well-equipped to tackle the challenges that await you in Dislyte.

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