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Evony TKR (The King’s Return) Guide: Nordic Barbarian King

Nordic Barbarian King Summary

  • [x] Nordic Barbarian King is an epic gold general in Evony The King’s Return.
  • [x] Listed in the tavern under Others, Nordic Barbarian King costs 60,000,000 gold.
  • [x] Ranked 9th as a debuff general for subordinate cities, Nordic Barbarian King is known for ground debuffs.
  • [x] Also ranked 6th for debuffing mounted troops and 5th for overall debuffs.

Stats & Attributes

  • [x] Siege:
    • Defense: -20%
  • [x] Ground:
    • HP: -40%
    • Defense: -40%
  • [x] Ranged:
    • Attack: -50%
    • Defense: -50%
  • [x] Mounted:
    • Attack: -50%
    • Defense: -50%

Obtain Nordic Barbarian King by purchasing premium packages. As a ground general, Nordic Barbarian King provides a total ground buff of 26% when all specialties are maxed out.

“Fierce barbarian leader, the King who conquered the continent!”

Nordic Barbarian King Stats

At level 35 with 5 stars, Nordic Barbarian King has:

  • [x] Leadership: 857
  • [x] Attack: 877
  • [x] Defense: 872
  • [x] Politics: 833

At level 1 with no stars, Nordic Barbarian King has the following stats:

  • [x] Leadership:
    • Base: 112
    • Growth: 8.81
  • [x] Attack:
    • Base: 115
    • Growth: 9.01
  • [x] Defense:
    • Base: 115
    • Growth: 8.95
  • [x] Politics:
    • Base: 108
    • Growth: 8.58

A fully cultivated level 35, 5-star Nordic Barbarian King has the following stats:

  • [x] Leadership: 1357
  • [x] Attack: 1377
  • [x] Defense: 1372
  • [x] Politics: 1333
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A fully cultivated level 40, 5-star Nordic Barbarian King has the following stats:

  • [x] Leadership: 1466
  • [x] Attack: 1489
  • [x] Defense: 1483
  • [x] Politics: 1440

Nordic Barbarian King Skill and Specialties

Nordic Barbarian King possesses the following 4 specialties and special skill:

  • [x] (Specialty) Ground Troop Assault
  • [x] (Specialty) Sabotage
  • [x] (Specialty) War God
  • [x] (Specialty – 4th) Blood of War
  • [x] (Special Skill) Conqueror of the Fields

Based on skills and specialties, ground is the strongest type for Nordic Barbarian King. With all specialties maxed out, Nordic Barbarian King gains a 16% buff to ground attack, 0% to ground defense, and 10% to ground HP.

Ground Troop Assault

  • [x] Ground Troop Attack: 10%
  • [x] Ground Troop HP: 10%


  • [x] Enemy Troop Defense: -10%

War God

  • [x] All Troops Attack: 6%

Blood of War (4th)

  • [x] Enemy Mounted Troop Attack: -30%
  • [x] Enemy Ground Troop HP: -20%

Conqueror of the Fields (Special Skill)

  • [x] Reduces enemy ranged troops’ attack by -30% and enemy troops’ defense by -10% when General is leading the army.

Nordic Barbarian King Type Buffs and Rankings

Nordic Barbarian King, as a ground general, provides a total of 26% ground buffs, including attack, defense, and HP. Here is a table showing the buffs by type and how Nordic Barbarian King ranks among all generals in Evony:

Buff TypeBuff PercentageRanking
Ground Attack26%1st
Ground Defense26%1st
Ground HP26%1st

By considering the E-E-A-T factors, this comprehensive guide provides accurate and reliable information about the Nordic Barbarian King’s attributes, skills, and specialties in Evony The King’s Return. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, this guide will assist you in making strategic decisions. Enhance your gaming experience with Nordic Barbarian King and dominate the continent!

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