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Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to the Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide, a comprehensive resource that will assist you in unlocking all the events and scenes with every available character.

Introduction – Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Firstly, it’s important to note that Fear & Hunger 2 does not contain any sexual content. However, it does offer a dark and atmospheric experience reminiscent of titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, making it stand out from the majority of superficial “souls-like” games.

Essential Knowledge from the Previous Game – Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

To increase your chances of survival in Fear & Hunger 2, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  • If you become infected, quickly treat it with a green herb, cut off the infected limb using a bone saw, or face certain death.
  • Maintaining a hunger level below 51 is crucial, as hunger debuffs can severely impact your abilities. Thankfully, food can be found abundantly throughout the game.
  • Limbs cannot regenerate in this game, but losing a leg does not result in any major debuffs.
  • Utilize bear traps to slow down enemies, but be aware that some foes can bypass them.
  • Employ the guard command to automatically defend against enemy grab attacks.

Essential Survival Tips – Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

To navigate through the game more efficiently, here are some valuable survival tips:

  • Whenever you encounter a ritual circle with four golden spirals (referred to as “perfect circles”), draw a cross to transform it into a quick travel portal. To save your progress at the same spot, draw the letter M (requires reading the skin bible – “All Mer” for the travel portal and “God of Fear and Hunger” for saving).
  • There are six ritual circles located at the train cabin, old town, book store, church, prehevil bop (pub), and Donovan’s house.
  • Another type of ritual circle resembles the Star of David. By drawing the appropriate sigils, you can achieve different effects:
    • Big circle and small circle (Grogoroth): Sacrificing a teammate or using blood sacrifice increases affinity with Grogoroth, allowing you to eliminate a candidate.
    • Symbol resembling a vagina (Sylvian): Use the skill masturbation to increase affinity with Sylvian.
    • Three circles (Rher): Teleport to the otherworld version of the map.
    • A mess of circles (Vanushka): Grow a giant tree, unveiling new areas.
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Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

In case you find yourself stuck, follow this brief walkthrough to achieve Ending A:

  1. First stage: Gain entry to the city through either collecting the key from bunker 7 and the Mayor or by entering the sewer with a sewer key.
  2. Second stage: Collect the three effigies located in the church, the school/orphanage, and an apartment building with white crust.
    • In the apartment building, the washing machine’s passcode is a randomized combination of numbers that can be found by solving a puzzle on the third floor.
    • Losing the hangman game at the school allows you to obtain the talking board, which aids in locating ghosts.
  3. Third stage: Activate the three terminals, which can be found in bunker 7, the sewer’s sewage treatment puzzle, and the deep woods.
    • To make this stage easier, explore the Preheval pub and find a hidden trapdoor that leads to a map.
  4. Ending B: Eliminate all other candidates and proceed to the hollow tower. Utilize the skill sense aura to locate them once they transform into monsters.
    • Note: On the night of day 3, all remaining candidates will transform into monsters.
  5. Ending C: Like Ending B, eradicate all candidates before day 3. However, there are no additional bosses compared to Ending B.
    • This ending requires a deep understanding of the game and its events. Some NPCs can only be killed during a limited time window:
      • August: Encountered in the west area on Day 2. Explore the bottom left section to trigger an event briefly involving August.
      • Pav: Found in the alley on Day 1 or near the front gate, engaging in a fight with Jotaro on Day 2 morning.
      • Mafia member: Located in the sewer beneath the central bridge, hidden in the water. Walk around to lure him out.
    • Note: You can only recruit two out of Abella, Levi, and Marina. If you already have Abella and Levi, Marina will leave your party shortly after joining, meaning you must eliminate her as soon as possible.
    • Effective enemy strategies:
      • It’s often best to avoid or escape from enemies, returning when you are more powerful. However, cutting off both legs can cause enemies to lose balance, making headshots easier.
      • Cutting off an enemy’s exposed penis can also destabilize them. Alternatively, use throwing items (such as a saw blade) or magic (hurting, black orbs, etc.) to target their head directly for a quick victory.
      • Be cautious when cutting off both hands, as enemies can often still use tackle attacks, which can deal more damage than their weapon attacks.
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Enemy Guides – Fear & Hunger 2 Walkthrough & Guide

To help you effectively deal with different opponents, here are some enemy-specific tips:

  • Villagers: If they set up a bear trap, immediately attack and disable the trap.
  • Vile (pig mask): Engage in conversation with him, asking about his identity each time, and win the coin toss to defeat him.
  • Headless dogs: Talk to them, offer rotten meat, cut off their front legs, and escape. This will cripple them and eliminate the threat.
  • Elephant man: Wearing a Dragoon helmet or any other helmet renders you immune to his scream. Without protection, your head will explode after two screams.
  • Police: Engage in conversation, asking him questions to immobilize his head, and then target his head.
  • Needle: Focus your attacks on the body rather than cutting off limbs.
  • Pillar man: To instantly kill him, attack two of the many chest muscles on either side.
  • Beehive man: Similar to Needle, concentrate your attacks on the body.
  • Neighbours: Direct your attacks at the body.
  • Ronteal (otherworld monster): Ignore the limbs and focus on the body. Don’t forget to loot their nest for a pearl, which can be used to bribe certain priests and exchanged for equipment with the portrait of a young man.
  • Elite trooper: The shield is not a major concern. Target the arm, legs, and head.
  • The yellow mage: Disable his free hand to prevent him from using hurting to sever your limbs. Note that, unlike in the previous game, this tactic doesn’t render him harmless outside of battle in Fear & Hunger 2.
  • Moonless: Attacking the black sword will grant it to you.
  • Dog/baby hybrid and mutated children in the school: A single 9mm bullet shot in the field will dispatch them.
  • Special enemies:
    • Priest in school: Eventually, he will use scorched earth, destroying his room. However, this only makes a chest and a bookshelf inaccessible, so you won’t lose anything crucial.
    • Sergel: He will escape the first fight regardless of your actions. Encounter him again near the entry to bunker 7, where a massive monster awaits.
    • If enemies are immune to your attacks, unequip your weapon and resort to using your fists.
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