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Destiny 2 Hollow Denial: Ideal Rolls for PvE and PvP

These two Hollow Denial ideal rolls are… not impressive. I’ve done my best considering the circumstances, but truth be told, this weapon isn’t that great. Trace rifles already suffer from weakness in Destiny 2, and Hollow Denial lacks a typical “god roll” perk pool. Nonetheless, I believe I’ve managed to make the weapon viable for PvE. PvP, however, presents a different story.

If you’re one of the few Destiny 2 players who are eager to give trace rifles a try, then these two Hollow Denial ideal rolls might be worth considering. They represent the best possible options for this gun, although compared to something like a Calus Mini-Tool, that isn’t saying much.

Destiny 2 Hollow Denial Ideal Rolls

Hollow Denial Ideal Roll for PvE

Destiny 2 Hollow Denial PvE ideal roll.
Screenshots via D2Gunsmith

  • Arrowhead Break
  • Tactical Battery
  • Adaptive Munitions
  • Killing Tally

Despite being one of the most commonly used legendary trace rifles in Destiny 2, Hollow Denial lacks distinct qualities. It suffers from the weapon archetype’s lack of identity. However, this ideal roll isn’t all that bad and can serve you well in a Master Nightfall or two. Beyond that, it’s uncertain whether this weapon will meet your needs.

The **Arrowhead Break** is a go-to option for any weapon considered “automatic.” Auto rifles, SMGs, and trace rifles all benefit from its improved recoil direction. While it’s not crucial for weapons where range isn’t a major concern, it remains one of the preferred barrel perks.

Similarly, the **Tactical Battery** doesn’t hold significant importance. Its utility lies in providing improved reload speed, range, and stability. Nevertheless, it’s far from essential, so feel free to choose something more appealing.

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On the other hand, **Adaptive Munitions** and **Killing Tally** are crucial for achieving the best Hollow Denial ideal roll.

**Adaptive Munitions** is an S-tier perk for end-game PvE activities. In these challenges, enemies often have shields that are resistant to damage types that don’t match their shield. With **Adaptive Munitions**, the weapon automatically deals the same damage type as the shield it hits. This perk enables Hollow Denial to perform remarkably well despite not being a powerful weapon.

While not as technical or strategic as **Adaptive Munitions**, **Killing Tally** is just as potent. It’s a simple perk that increases the weapon’s damage output with each kill, up to 30%, until you reload or swap weapons. Although it’s not as commonly seen as **Frenzy** or **Rampage**, it’s equally effective, if not better, than these META staples.

Overall, this Hollow Denial ideal roll is as good as it gets. It may not be a top-tier weapon, but it can hold its own in high-end activities. Despite the disadvantages of being a trace rifle, it does its best to mitigate them.

Hollow Denial Ideal Roll for PvP

Destiny 2 Hollow Denial ideal roll for PvE and PvP
Screenshots via D2Gunsmith

  • Arrowhead Break
  • Tactical Battery
  • Rangefinder
  • Killing Tally

The difference between my Hollow Denial ideal rolls for PvE and PvP boils down to a single perk, highlighting the identity crisis of trace rifles. They lack clarity in their purpose, which becomes evident.

To be completely honest, I would never recommend using this weapon in the Crucible. While I can make the archetype work in PvE thanks to certain perks, the same cannot be said for PvP, where the META is much more restrictive.

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If you’re determined, though, we’ll once again begin with **Arrowhead Break** and **Tactical Battery**. My reasoning remains the same – they’re exceptional perks, but not mandatory. Feel free to switch them up based on your preferences.

I’ll also explain why I’ve chosen to keep **Killing Tally** for the PvP ideal roll. It’s simply because it increases Hollow Denial’s damage output, which is advantageous. Perks like **Kill Clip** dominate the PvP META, and **Killing Tally** is somewhat similar, albeit weaker. It requires three kills to reach its full charge, which is practically unattainable in-game. However, achieving one kill is feasible, and with that 10% buff, it should make securing a second kill before reloading almost certain.

The one perk I’ve changed between the rolls is swapping **Adaptive Munitions** for **Rangefinder**. This choice is typically seen with hand cannons, not automatic trace rifles. Again, the fact that this perk is a viable option here speaks volumes about the lack of a place for trace rifles in the META.

Despite firing a laser beam, trace rifles suffer from significant damage drop-off, which can cost you gunfights in the Crucible. **Rangefinder** exists to minimize that scenario as much as possible. Since **Adaptive Munitions** is useless in PvP, this change makes perfect sense.

Despite being the best possible PvP roll for Hollow Denial, I wouldn’t advise trying this weapon in the Crucible unless you’re exceptionally skilled or daring. It can somewhat compete with the top-tier weapons in PvE, but the same cannot be said for PvP.

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