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A Comprehensive Guide to Easily Completing “Parting the Veil” in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players are in for a treat with the Season of the Deep, as it introduces an exciting new mission called “Parting the Veil.” This mission is a crucial part of the story and rewards players with the powerful legendary weapon, Epochal Integration. While the weapon was teased in the game’s art assets for the current expansion, it has finally made its appearance in the latest season.

If you’ve already completed the Lightfall campaign and another important mission, you’re eligible to embark on the Parting the Veil quest. This seven-part adventure includes the namesake mission in Destiny 2, so be prepared to invest a bit more time. Of course, throughout the quest, you’ll have numerous opportunities to engage in exhilarating battles against the fearsome Cabal forces.

How to Complete the Parting the Veil Quest in Destiny 2

To successfully conquer the Parting the Veil quest, follow these steps:

  1. Defeat Cabal in Neomuna to acquire Vex tracking data.
  2. Secure Vex data from Maya’s Retreat.
  3. Acquire additional Vex data from the exterior of the Irkalla Complex.
  4. Complete the mission Parting the Veil.
  5. Take some time to meditate on your findings.
  6. Read the provided note.

While the Parting the Veil quest may seem quite extensive, it’s definitely worth completing. By Destiny 2 standards, it’s not overly complicated, and it rewards you with a powerful weapon and a new Strand Aspect for your class.

Begin by venturing to Zephyr Concourse and Ahimsa Park, where you’ll face off against Cabal forces to obtain Vex Tracking data. Once you have acquired the data, head to Maya’s Retreat to continue your quest. If you fast travel to Ahimsa Park, look for a rock wall on the right. Alternatively, if you’re already in Ahimsa Park, head left and search for an inlet in the stone leading you to two bridges.

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Slaying more enemies will be necessary to progress in the Parting the Veil quest. Instead of confronting the obvious enemies ahead, climb the rock wall and enter a nearby cavern. Defeat the Goblins lurking within, preparing yourself for further combat.

You’ll still encounter more Vex enemies on your journey. Spotting a Harpy with a diamond above its head will indicate your next objective. Eliminate the Harpy and proceed to the back of the cavern to extract data from the artifact.

Next, make your way to the Irkalla Complex and locate the Esi Terminal. Turn left from the terminal and continue until you reach a door at the end of the path. If you notice a graffiti mark on the right wall, you’ll know you’re in the right place for this Destiny 2 quest.

Travel through the building and step onto a balcony on your right. Traverse the awnings until you receive a notification confirming your presence in the Irkalla Complex. Once you reach the final awning, drop down onto the green platform below and enter the nearby bar.

Finding the right location to progress in the Parting the Veil quest will be evident – there’s a massive glowing portal inside the bar. Proceed by passing through the hole in the Complex’s wall after emerging from the portal.

Prepare for battle as you face a wave of enemies, including a vulnerable Harpy. Utilize your favorite Destiny 2 Exotic weapon to defeat them. The subsequent step towards Epochal Integration will prove to be more time-consuming, as completing the actual Parting the Veil mission is required.

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Parting the Veil Mission Steps

To successfully navigate the Parting the Veil mission in Destiny 2 and obtain the Epochal Integration Exotic, follow these steps:

  1. Jump down the shaft.
  2. Follow the tunnel at the bottom right, turning right, left, and then dropping.
  3. Turn right when you see the Ishtar Collective sign and descend along the path.
  4. Upon entering the large purple room, head towards the center and then turn left, looking up for a vent to crawl through.
  5. Take a right at the dead end.
  6. Shoot out the vent at your feet, approximately a meter later.
  7. Turn right and proceed down the purple path.
  8. When you encounter the first opportunity to turn left, ascend the metal ramp.
  9. Follow this path by turning left and then right.
  10. Once you reach a room with a neglected appearance, focus your attention on the floor at the far end and jump into the hole.
  11. Crouch and navigate through the vents.
  12. Take a left and travel along the path that blends into the wall.
  13. Continue following the path to the right.
  14. When you come across a hole blocked by railing, jump in.
  15. At the bottom of the hole, you’ll find another hole in the ground marked by a moved floor tile.
  16. Enter the terminal room, where you should upload the data using the far front right terminal.
  17. After the audio log concludes, Taken enemies will begin to spawn. Proceed towards the window and descend.
  18. Pass through the vent, which leads to the area where you defeated Calus.
  19. Follow the path, turn left, and keep an eye out for Taken Phoenix.
  20. Jump up where the ladder is located, then turn left.
  21. Defeat the Phalanx, ascend the next ladder, and turn left once again.
  22. Slay the Taken Knights and advance down the path, this time turning right.
  23. Slide down the pipes until you reach the boss arena, where the Imprint of Nezarec awaits.
  24. Prioritize eliminating the Taken Phalanx. Maintain mobility and consistently aim for the yellow spots on the Imprint’s body, beginning with the right shoulder, followed by the left shoulder, and then the chest. Be sure to keep moving to avoid being knocked off the platform or frozen by the Tormenter.
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Upon completing all these steps, take a moment to meditate on your success and read the note provided. Depending on your class, you’ll also receive a new Strand Aspect, which is a valuable discovery.

That’s all you need to know to successfully complete the Parting the Veil quest in Destiny 2. Enjoy the adventure and the rewards that await you!

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