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Everything you Need to Know about the Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis OP Kit


Are you a fan of Marvel Champions? If so, then you won’t want to miss out on the Mutant Genesis OP kit. In this article, we’ll delve into what the OP kit is, what it contains, and how you can get your hands on it. So, let’s jump right in!

What is “OP” and What is an OP Kit?

OP stands for “organized play,” a concept that Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has been implementing for many years. These kits are designed to bring players together in organized play events held at game stores. While previous OP kits for games like The Lord of the Rings LCG and Arkham Horror LCG included scenarios, the Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis kit offers alternative hero cards and player/villain cards. This kit, along with the launch kit, makes it the fourth OP kit for Marvel Champions.

What does the Mutant Genesis OP Kit Look Like and What does it Contain?

The Mutant Genesis OP kit comes with a price tag of approximately $20 for stores to purchase. Though the official street date is March 31, 2023, some lucky stores may receive them earlier. If you’re interested, you can inform your local store about the kit’s SKU, which is MC32-38.

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Inside the kit, you’ll find the following:

  • x4 mission trackers (challenge cards) – These trackers are static additions to the OP kit, with the same text on both sides.
  • 20 packs of promo cards – Each pack contains a random selection of x2 common cards and x1 rare card, making a total of 60 cards per OP kit.
  • x8 promo dials – These include x4 hero X-Men dials and x4 villain Magneto dials, which are always included in every kit.

What do you Need to Get a Full Set?

While the OP kit comes with 20 packs of promo cards, you won’t necessarily need all 20 to complete a “full set.” In addition to the dials and the challenge card, you will require a total of 24 cards to achieve a full set. This includes a common and rare card for each hero, as well as common cards for each villain, including those in the Mansion Attack scenario.

Here’s a breakdown of what constitutes a “full set” for the Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis OP kit:

  • Challenge card (x1, same front and back)
  • Dials (x2)
    • X-Men hero dial (x1)
    • Magneto villain dial (x1)
  • Heroes (x16)
    • Shadowcat (common, rare)
    • Colossus (common, rare)
    • Cyclops (common, rare)
    • Phoenix (common, rare)
    • Wolverine (common, rare)
    • Storm (common, rare)
    • Gambit (common, rare)
    • Rogue (common, rare)
  • Villains (x8)
    • Sabretooth (common)
    • Sentinel (common)
    • Master Mold (common)
    • Toad (common)
    • Blob (common)
    • Pyro (common)
    • Avalanche (common)
    • Magneto (common)

It’s worth mentioning that all villain cards are double-sided and consist of stages I and II. Unfortunately, there are no stage III promos or rare art villain promos.

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The Best eBay Terms to Search if You Don’t Have Access to a Store

If you’re unable to find a store that stocks the Mutant Genesis OP kit, don’t worry. You can always turn to the secondhand market, particularly eBay. Here are some search terms to help you locate sellers offering kit items:

  • Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis promo card
  • Marvel Champions Organized Play Kit Mutant Genesis

To ensure you find the best deals, remember to sort the listings by “sold items” to see the current going prices. Additionally, for Marvel Champions promos, you can filter out old listings by sorting them from most recently-released.

If you find sellers who offer multiple kits or individual items, you can bookmark or follow them for future purchases.

Now you’re fully informed about the Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis OP kit. Get ready to enhance your gameplay and collect all the exciting promo cards and dials. Happy gaming!

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