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Destiny 2 PvP: Unleash the Power of Solar Hunters

When it comes to PvP in Destiny 2, Hunters reign supreme. With their impressive array of abilities, including ranged melee attacks, powerful grenades, and versatile movement options, Hunters offer a deadly combination for taking down opponents. Among them, Solar Hunters stand out as particularly formidable, with their devastating Tripmine grenades. In this article, we’ll delve into the best Hunter PvP build in Destiny 2, focusing on maximizing the potential of Solar Hunters. Let’s dive in!

Required Exotics: Harnessing the Power of Tripmines

To excel with this build, utilizing the potent Tripmine grenades is crucial. The goal is to keep your grenade uptime as high as possible, denying space to enemies and potentially eliminating multiple Guardians simultaneously.

Exotic Armor – Young Ahamkara’s Spine

For this build, we recommend equipping the Young Ahamkara’s Spine gauntlets as your Exotic armor piece. These gauntlets possess the formidable Wish-Dragon Teeth Armor Perk, enhancing your Tripmine grenades in several ways:

  • Increases the explosive length and width of Tripmines by 14 meters.
  • Heightens explosive damage from Tripmines by approximately 14%.
  • Tripmine explosions no longer harm the user.
  • Eliminates damage fall off from Tripmine explosions.
  • Extends Tripmine placement duration from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Boosts Tripmine durability to 100HP with 50% additional damage resistance.
  • Recharges Tripmine grenade ability energy by 33% through Solar ability damage.
  • Directly hitting opponents with the Tripmine counts as two instances of Solar ability damage.

Exotic Weapons: Versatility is Key

There are no required Exotic weapons for this build. It’s advisable to use the weapons you feel most comfortable with in PvP encounters. However, consider opting for a weapon with the Demolitionist trait, as it grants 10% grenade ability energy each time you secure a kill with a weapon possessing this trait. This effect increases to 20% when using a shotgun, sniper rifle, glaive, or fusion rifle. Additionally, Demolitionist refills your weapon’s magazine upon using your grenade cooldown.

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Aspects and Fragments: Enhancing Lethality and Recharge Rate

Aspects and Fragments play a crucial role in optimizing your grenades’ deadliness and bolstering the recharge rate of your abilities when targets are Scorched. They also provide additional bonuses to your class ability and Super.

Aspects – Knock’em Down

The Knock’em Down Aspect serves as the foundation of this build. It offers two Fragment slots and enhances all three Solar supers. For this specific build, Knock’em Down increases the number of projectiles thrown from the Blade Barrage Super. It’s worth noting that the Aspect’s secondary ability, which replenishes your melee on Throwing Knife kills while Radiant, does not apply here since we cannot become Radiant.

Aspects – On Your Mark

The On Your Mark Aspect provides three Fragment slots and augments your weapon handling reload speed and that of nearby allies whenever you secure precision final blows with a weapon. This effect can stack up to three times, and activating your class ability grants maximum stacks of this buff.

Fragments – Ember of Singeing

Ember of Singeing Fragment boosts your class ability regeneration whenever you Scorch targets. This Fragment triggers upon hitting enemies with your Tripmine grenade, melee ability, Super, or weapons, so long as they apply Scorched to your targets.

Fragments – Ember of Mercy

Ember of Mercy grants a Restoration effect to yourself and nearby allies whenever you revive an ally. It also provides Restoration whenever you pick up a Firesprite. This Fragment enhances your resistance stat by 10. Note that the first effect may not trigger frequently in PvP, as not all game modes permit reviving teammates.

Fragments – Ember of Searing

Ember of Searing occupies the third Fragment slot and rewards you with melee energy upon defeating Scorched targets. It also spawns a Firesprite. Given the frequent use of your grenade ability, you’ll generate Firesprites aplenty on the battlefield. Furthermore, picking up a Firesprite grants a small amount of grenade energy.

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Fragments – Ember of Ashes

Ember of Ashes applies additional stacks of Scorch to targets. While Scorch damage alone may not secure a kill, it effectively weakens enemies and prevents their health from regenerating. Keep in mind that relying on this Fragment to trigger Ignitions is not highly reliable in PvP.

Fragments – Ember of Resolve

Ember of Resolve grants you the Cure effect upon getting a grenade kill, enabling you to swiftly rejoin the fight.

Abilities: Controlling Space and Overwhelming Foes

Your abilities are carefully selected to control space and neutralize opponents. Feel free to customize these to your liking, except for the Tripmine grenade ability, which is crucial for this build.

  • Super: This build utilizes the Blade Barrage Super, unleashing a barrage of Solar charged knives that explode upon contact. While it has a reasonably long cooldown, it excels at countering defensive supers like the Titan Bubble and Well of Radiance.

  • Class Ability: Gambler’s Dodge is our recommended class ability. It grants your Hunter a tumbling dodge roll that evades incoming damage. Using this ability near enemies refills your charged melee ability. Combined with specific armor mods, it also grants both melee and grenade energy when used near targets. However, if you prefer other class abilities, they are all viable choices.

  • Melee Ability: Proximity Knife is the ideal melee ability for this build. It attaches to enemy Guardians and surfaces, detonating when enemies approach. This tool effectively denies space to opponents, even if you miss your initial knife throw.

  • Grenade Ability: The Tripmine Grenade takes center stage in this build. It adheres to surfaces and detonates when triggered by a passing enemy. The explosion inflicts substantial damage and moderately Scorches targets. Mastering this grenade’s intricacies can yield incredible results. Use it to deny space, stick it onto enemy Guardians or objectives, or place it strategically to force enemies out of cover.

Armor Mods: Enhancing Grenade Regeneration and Combat Efficiency

To maximize the effectiveness of this build, the selected armor mods prioritize rapid grenade energy regeneration and overall combat efficiency on the battlefield. Recovery and Mobility are vital stats for Hunters in The Crucible, so ensure your first armor mod slot boosts both stats as close to 100 as possible.

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Helmet Mods

We recommend using Powerful Friends and Harmonic Targeting for your helmet mods. Powerful Friends increases your allies’ armor charge stack by one each time you collect an Orb of Power. Harmonic Targeting enhances the targeting, accuracy, and aim-down-sights speed of all solar weapons. Additionally, if you have enough energy available, Ashes to Assets is a fantastic alternative.

Gauntlet Mods

For your Exotic gauntlets, utilize Font of Focus and Impact Induction. Font of Focus raises your Discipline stat by 30 points as long as you have at least one stack of armor charge, speeding up grenade regeneration, considering this build consistently generates Orbs of Power. Impact Induction reduces your grenade cooldown with each melee attack. If you have three available energy slots, consider running the Firepower mod, which spawns Orbs of Power on grenade kills.

Chest Armor Mod

When it comes to chest mods in PvP, focus on reducing flinch or damage reduction. For this build, equip two Unflinching Harmonic Aim mods, which minimize flinch from incoming damage when wielding a solar weapon. Alternatively, Sniper and Melee Damage Resistance mods are excellent choices.

Leg Mods

For leg mods, deploy two copies of Innervation and one copy of Font of Agility. Innervation reduces your grenade cooldown whenever you pick up an Orb of Power. With one equipped, you enjoy a 10% cooldown reduction, while two provide a 13% reduction. Pairing one Innervation mod with a copy of Absolution, which reduces all ability cooldowns by 5%, is optimal, but if energy is scarce, two Innervation mods will suffice. Additionally, Font of Agility elevates your Agility stat by 30 points as long as you have at least one stack of armor charge. If your Agility stat reaches 70 before equipping it, your Agility becomes 100 while armor charged.

Class Item Mod

Our final set of mods holds great significance for this build. Utilize Reaper, Bomber, and Distribution. Equip one copy of Reaper and two copies of Bomber. Reaper ensures that your next kill after using your class ability spawns an Orb of Power. This benefit extends to both you and your teammates, thanks to the Powerful Friends mod. Bomber reduces your grenade cooldown with each use of your class ability. Similar to the Innervation and Absolution mod pairing, having one Bomber and one Distribution mod is superior, but if energy is scarce, two Bomber mods will suffice.

Embrace the power of Solar Hunters with this comprehensive guide to the best Hunter PvP build in Destiny 2. It’s remarkable how this build remains potent and relevant, even in the current Seasons. If you’re seeking more Destiny 2 build guides, consider signing up for our newsletter today!

Happy gaming!

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