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Defeat the Lich Boss in Dark and Darker: A Comprehensive Guide

Within the treacherous dungeons of Dark and Darker, a formidable enemy awaits. Once you reach the Inferno floor, you will encounter one of two potential bosses, and in this guide, we will help you overcome the Lich, providing you with all the strategies and tips you need for success.

Locating the Lich Boss Fight

Finding the Lich boss fight location is not a challenge. Simply venture through the “Down Portal,” a distinctive red portal that grants access to the “Inferno” floor map. In the heart of this map, you will confront either the Lich or the Ghost King. In this guide, we will focus on the Lich boss fight.

The Lich possesses various abilities and mechanics that demand your attention if you wish to survive. However, with proper preparation and patience, this fight is conquerable. The boss fight commences when a player enters one of the eight entrances. Players must remain vigilant against skeleton mobs, curses, debuffs, and homing projectiles throughout the fight.

Understanding the Lich’s Attacks

To effectively combat the Lich, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with its arsenal of attacks. Here are the key attacks you should be aware of:

  • Resurrection: The Lich raises its staff, reviving up to six skeletons from its army.
  • Normal Attack: The Lich launches a magic projectile towards the targeted player.
  • Close Attack: A powerful melee attack that pushes back players.
  • Strong Attack: The Lich releases a potent homing projectile that relentlessly pursues a player until it collides with an obstacle.
  • Soul Steal: When a player dies, the Lich absorbs their soul, creating a protective barrier that absorbs 250 damage.
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Additionally, the Lich boss fight introduces two major mechanics you must be mindful of:

Curse of Gathering

The Curse of Gathering materializes as a bright purple circle beneath the targeted player. After a 5-second delay, the circle detonates, causing damage that varies based on the number of players and monsters within it.

  • 1 person: 650 Magic Damage
  • 2 people: 350 Magic Damage
  • 3 people: 100 Magic Damage
  • 4 people: 35 Magic Damage
  • 5 people: 15 Magic Damage

Curse of Isolation

The Curse of Isolation manifests as a vivid blue circle beneath the targeted player. After 5 seconds, the circle detonates, delivering damage that increases depending on the number of players and monsters within it.

  • 1 person: 35 Magic Damage
  • 2 people: 50 Magic Damage
  • 3 people: 60 Magic Damage
  • 4 people: 100 Magic Damage
  • 5 people: 170 Magic Damage

High Roller Additions

In the High Roller variant of the boss fight, the Elite Lich boasts a few additional abilities:

  • Elite Lich: Deals 50% increased damage.
  • Frenzy: Applies a buff to all skeletons, enhancing their movement speed by 50%, attack speed by 25%, and increasing their physical damage by 20.
  • Death Swarm: The Lich casts a purple circle zone in the arena, with a safe zone at its center. Being outside of the zone inflicts 4 Magic Damage per second and bestows Frenzy upon all living skeletons.

Crafting a Winning Strategy

Unlike the Cave Troll boss, taking on the Lich or any major dungeon boss requires a well-balanced team composition and strategic preparation. However, the Lich boss fight allows more flexibility in terms of composition. For optimal results, we recommend a standard party composition of a Cleric, Ranger, and Barbarian.

Ensure that you bring an ample supply of healing potions and protection potions. However, note that protection potions offer limited assistance against the Lich’s predominantly Magic Damage attacks. They can still provide some protection against skeleton hits, though. Another essential addition to your arsenal is a set of campfires. These will aid your Cleric in maintaining everyone’s health and ensuring that all abilities and spells are ready for use.

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Once your party enters the boss arena, the Lich will promptly resurrect three Skeleton Guardsmen and three Skeleton Archers, marking the beginning of the battle.

Assigning Movement Directions

It is crucial that you and your party members coordinate your movements throughout the boss fight. This coordination is necessary to navigate the constant mob spawns and arrows from the Skeleton Archers while remaining close enough to aid with mechanics. For this guide, we suggest a clockwise rotation.

Dealing with Skeletons

Assign one of your party members to eliminate the Skeletons, prioritizing the Archers. Meanwhile, have your second DPS player, whether ranged or melee, focus on damaging the boss while the other party member deals with the mobs. Once the Skeletons are defeated, you can concentrate your entire party’s damage output on the Lich.

The Cleric’s Crucial Role

The Cleric plays a vital role in this fight. If you plan to venture into Inferno to confront the bosses, ensure that your Cleric possesses the area-of-effect skill, Holy Purification. This skill allows the Cleric to swiftly clear the Skeleton Army, enabling your party to focus on clockwise movement and dealing damage to the boss.

Mastering the Curses

At a certain health threshold, the Lich will cast either the Curse of Isolation or the Curse of Gathering. Neglecting to follow the mechanics of these curses will swiftly result in your party’s demise. When a blue circle appears, it signifies the Curse of Isolation. The player targeted by this curse must ensure that no additional players or mobs are within the circle to minimize damage.

Conversely, if a purple circle appears, it indicates the Curse of Gathering. As the name suggests, the player must gather as many players and/or mobs inside the circle as possible. When the purple circle materializes, it is advisable to keep a few Skeleton Guardsmen alive. This strategy allows you to maximize the number of entities within the circle, minimizing damage to your party. It’s worth noting that you can also use the Lich itself to fulfill this mechanic.

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Evading Homing Projectiles

Another crucial spell to watch out for is the Lich’s homing projectile. This targeted projectile can induce panic as it relentlessly pursues its intended victim. However, evading it is relatively simple. Guide the projectile towards the nearest corner wall of the boss room, and it will collide with the wall, rendering you safe from harm. Alternatively, a Ranger or Fighter can use a Pavise, a deployable shield, as a protective barrier to divert the projectile. Failing these options, bait the projectile into a Skeleton, offering yourself a momentary reprieve.

Defense against Melee Attacks

Lastly, be cautious of the Lich’s melee attack. Avoid the temptation to overcommit with melee attacks and maintain a safe distance to ensure your safety.

Solo Methods for the Brave

Soloing the Bosses in the Inferno poses a tremendous challenge. However, certain methods prove effective depending on your class. Presently, the Warlock can comfortably solo the Lich. Utilize curses to maintain your HP and unleash the power of Hellfire repeatedly. It may take some time to master this strategy, but once you do, victory is assured.

Claim Your Riches

Congratulations! You and your party have triumphed over the Lich, and the spoils of the dungeon now belong to you. The Lich drops three items from the standard drop table and one item from the miscellaneous table. However, expect the loot quality to improve in the High Roller version of the fight. Additionally, scattered throughout the room, you’ll find chests, but the most significant reward awaits in the form of a Treasure Hoard. The Treasure Hoard is an infinite loot spot, provided your inventory can accommodate it all.

We hope this comprehensive Lich boss fight guide has equipped you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to claim victory and all the glory and loot that lie within the dungeon. Remember, Dark and Darker is now in Early Access! Check out our updated guides for further information and embark on your thrilling adventure.

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