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How to Defeat Naafiri on Expert in Tournament of Souls?

League of Legends: Tournament of Souls

The League of Legends client offers a unique game mode called Tournament of Souls, providing players with a distinct gaming experience. Within this mode, players can select from two difficulty levels: Story, which is relatively easier, and Expert. In Story mode, players have the leisure of immersing themselves in captivating stories related to Samira’s journey.

The game commences with an initial battle against Jhin, where players receive guidance on abilities and combos. The main objective in each battle is to reduce the opponent’s health to zero before the timer runs out, ensuring victory.

Upon completing a battle, players are presented with a map featuring ten champions from the League of Legends universe whom they must confront. Each victorious battle rewards players with a new ability that can be assigned to their character, enhancing their combat prowess.

To progress to the next battle and continue the journey, players must accumulate Reputation Points. These points are vital for advancing through the tournament, unlocking new challenges and abilities. Skillfully engaging in 1v1 duels and strategically earning Reputation Points become crucial elements in propelling Samira’s advancement in the Tournament of Souls, ultimately aiming to become the champion by defeating all opponents.

How to Overcome Naafiri on Expert in Tournament of Souls?

Naafiri, one of the opponents in the Tournament of Souls, can be defeated with a relatively straightforward approach of button-mashing. Her abilities include Piercing Precision (Q), Sky Scrapper (W), Severe Strike (E), and Chaotic Daybreak (R).

In the battle, a combination of quick reflexes and consistent utilization of your champion’s abilities can lead you to victory against Naafiri. By actively engaging in the fight and effectively using your skills, you can conquer her challenges and progress further in the Tournament of Souls.

To defeat Naafiri on Expert difficulty in the Tournament of Souls, a strategic approach and effective use of abilities are essential. Follow these steps to increase your chances of success:

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Understand Naafiri’s Abilities

Before the battle begins, familiarize yourself with Naafiri’s abilities. Understanding her moves will help you anticipate and counter her attacks more effectively.

Choose Recommended Abilities

For this fight, the recommended abilities are Piercing Precision (Q), Sky Scrapper (W), Severe Strike (E), and Chaotic Daybreak (R). Make sure to equip these abilities before entering the battle.

Master Your Combos

Practice and perfect the combos involving your champion’s abilities. Knowing the right timing and order of your attacks can give you a significant advantage during the battle.

Use Q (Piercing Precision) for Damage

Your Q ability, Piercing Precision, deals damage to your opponent. Utilize it wisely during the fight to chip away at Naafiri’s health.

Avoid W (Sky Scrapper) Effect

Naafiri’s W ability, Sky Scrapper, can immobilize you if it hits. Be swift in dodging this skill shot to prevent getting caught in her crowd control.

Deal Burst Damage with E (Severe Strike)

Your E ability, Severe Strike, delivers damage in a cone in front of you. Use this ability strategically to inflict burst damage on Naafiri when she’s vulnerable.

Time Your R (Chaotic Daybreak)

Your ultimate ability, Chaotic Daybreak, can deal significant damage to Naafiri if used at the right moment. Try to activate it when she’s in a position where she can’t easily evade the attack.

Manage Your Health and Resources

Pay attention to your health bar and be cautious not to take unnecessary damage. Also, manage your ability cooldowns and resources to ensure you can respond effectively to Naafiri’s attacks.

Be Patient and Observant

Naafiri may exhibit patterns in her behavior. Observe her movements and patiently look for openings to strike while avoiding her high-damage abilities.

Practice and Adapt

Be prepared to practice and adjust your strategy based on your performance. Facing Naafiri on Expert difficulty may require multiple attempts to understand her tactics and find the best approach to victory.

By following these guidelines and honing your skills, you can conquer Naafiri on Expert and progress further in the Tournament of Souls, paving the way for Samira’s triumph in this challenging game mode.

LoL Tournament of Souls Expert Guide

To play the Tournament of Souls in League of Legends, follow these steps:

  • Accessing the Tournament of Souls: Launch the League of Legends client and navigate to the home tab. Locate the Tournament of Souls section and click on it. This action will open the page featuring Samira in the arena. On this page, you can see the remaining time until the event’s conclusion, your reputation points, and the stage you are currently on.

  • Selecting the Game Mode: The Tournament of Souls offers two distinct modes: Story and Expert. Initially, players have access only to the Story mode. In Story mode, players can delve into a series of comics narrating Samira’s intriguing interactions with her opponents. You have the option to read through the storyline or skip it altogether to jump straight into the action.

  • Playing Story Mode: In Story mode, the battles are relatively easier, allowing you to experience the narrative and become acquainted with the mechanics. It’s a great way to enjoy the story and learn about Samira’s journey through the tournament.

  • Advancing to Expert Mode: After completing the Story mode or successfully defeating all opponents, you can unlock the Expert mode. The Expert mode provides a more intense and challenging battle experience, putting your skills to the test against tougher adversaries.

  • Understanding the Mechanics: The main objective in each battle of the Tournament of Souls is to eliminate your opponent before the clock runs out. If your health reaches zero before your opponent’s or if you fail to defeat them within the allotted 1 minute and 30 seconds, you will be defeated. This rule applies to all stages in both the Story and Expert modes, except for the final stage of each mode.

  • Winning Battles: During the battles, you must use Samira’s abilities and combos effectively to reduce your opponent’s health to zero. Pay attention to the timer and manage your resources wisely to secure victory. Each successful battle grants you Reputation Points, which are crucial for advancing to the next battle and progressing through the tournament.

  • Unlocking New Abilities: After winning battles, you will earn new abilities that you can assign to Samira using the Edit option. Strategically choose and utilize these abilities to gain an edge in future battles.

  • Advancing in the Tournament: As you continue to win battles and earn Reputation Points, you’ll advance through the tournament, facing new adversaries and unlocking fresh challenges. Your ultimate goal is to become the champion by defeating all ten opponents in both the Story and Expert modes.

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Enjoy the Tournament of Souls in League of Legends and embrace the exciting journey of Samira as she battles her way to victory in this action-packed game mode.

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL), developed and published by Riot Games in 2009, is a renowned multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game. Inspired by Warcraft III’s custom map Defense of the Ancients, Riot Games set out to create a standalone game in the same genre. Since its release, League of Legends has been free-to-play, generating revenue through purchasable character customization options. The game is compatible with Microsoft Windows and macOS.

In League of Legends, two teams of five players engage in thrilling player-versus-player combat, with each team defending and occupying their respective halves of the map. Players control unique characters called “champions,” each possessing distinct abilities and playstyles. Throughout the match, champions gain strength by collecting experience points, earning gold, and purchasing items to outwit and overpower their opponents. In the primary mode, Summoner’s Rift, victory is achieved by breaking through the enemy’s defenses and destroying their central structure, known as the “Nexus.”

Critically acclaimed, League of Legends has received positive reviews for its accessibility, compelling character designs, and high production value. Over time, the game’s reputation has improved even further, but it still faces criticism for the negative and abusive behavior of some players, a problem Riot Games continues to address. With a peak of eight million concurrent players in 2019, the game’s popularity has led to various tie-ins, including music videos, comic books, short stories, and the animated series Arcane. The success of League of Legends has also given rise to several spin-off video games, such as League of Legends: Wild Rift (a mobile version), Legends of Runeterra (a digital collectible card game), and Ruined King: A League of Legends Story (a turn-based role-playing game), among others. Additionally, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the League of Legends universe is currently in development.

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Regarded as one of the greatest video games ever made, League of Legends has become the world’s largest sport, featuring multiple regional leagues and culminating in the prestigious annual League of Legends World Championship. In 2019, the event attracted over 100 million unique viewers, with a peak concurrent viewership of 44 million during the finals. Domestic and international tournaments are live-streamed on popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Bilibili, and are even broadcast on sports channels like ESPN. The game’s widespread acclaim and global competitive scene have solidified its place as a groundbreaking and influential force in the gaming industry.

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