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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hero Augments in TFT Set 8: Monsters Attack!

The introduction of the Hero Augment mechanic in TFT’s latest expansion, Monsters Attack!, brings a whole new level of excitement to the game. With the ability to turn any unit into a super carry or super support, it’s crucial to know which units have the best Hero Augments. This knowledge will give players a competitive edge when these powerful augmentations appear. Join us as we explore the top five Hero Augments from each unit cost in TFT Set 8.

Fiddlesticks (Carry)

The best Hero Augments in TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack!
Image provided by Riot Games.

Traumatic Memories: Gain a Fiddlesticks. When an ally dies, it gains 200 bonus health for the rest of combat.

Optimally utilizing Fiddlesticks can be a challenge due to his unique trait, Corruption, which is unlike anything seen in TFT before. As Fiddlesticks remains inactive until either all ally units perish or he drops below 60% health, finding the best way to position this unit is a matter of debate. There are two theoretical approaches: placing him on the front line to activate him immediately, or keeping him in the backline and waiting for everyone to die.

Regardless of the positioning, one thing is certain: Fiddlesticks could benefit from additional health. This is where the carry Hero Augment shines. Granting Fiddlesticks an extra 200 health every time an ally unit dies is a game-changer. For a backline Fiddlesticks, this means having a built-in Warmogs Armor when he casts his devastating abilities.

Zac (Support)

The best Hero Augments in TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack!
Image provided by Riot Games.

Elastic Slingshot: Gain a Zac. Combat Start: He flings his two nearest allies to the enemy backline, knocking up enemies upon impact for three seconds.

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With the removal of Assassins in TFT Set 8, backline access has become scarce. While this change benefits ranged units, it also creates an incredible advantage for players who can reach the enemy backline. Zac’s support Hero Augment provides exactly that advantage.

Not only does Zac transform any two units on the board into Assassins, but his Hero Augment also inflicts AoE crowd control at the start of each combat round, affecting two different corners of the board. This effectively neutralizes two enemy carry units every round. On first glance, Zac’s Hero Augment stands out as one of the strongest in the game.

Cho’Gath (Carry)

The best Hero Augments in TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack!
Image provided by Riot Games.

Energy Void: Gain a Cho’Gath. Each time his Ability hits an enemy, he steals 20% of their Magic Resist.

In simple terms, Cho’Gath’s augment is nothing short of astounding. His ability already scales with magic resist, but stealing enemy magic resist takes it to the next level. By reducing the enemy units’ defense, Cho’Gath not only increases their vulnerability to damage but also boosts his own damage due to the magic resist scaling. At a glance, this augment provides Cho’Gath with approximately a 40% damage boost. Furthermore, if Cho’Gath hits a unit with significant magic resist, his ability will deal even more damage, thanks to its cone-shaped damage output and its duration throughout the round.

Additionally, Cho’Gath is a magic resist tank, so stealing magic resist also enhances his natural durability.

Fiora (Support)

The best Hero Augments in TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack!
Image provided by Riot Games.

Vitality of the Ox: Gain a Fiora. When you field her, your team heals 2% of their maximum health when they attack.

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While the Hero Augments for two-cost and one-cost units may not be as flashy as their higher-cost counterparts, they can still pack a punch. Fiora’s support Hero Augment offers incredible utility. Granting the entire team built-in omni-vamp, this augment provides significant healing with each attack. This is especially valuable in Duelist compositions, where units attack rapidly.

Kayle (Carry)

The best Hero Augments in TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack!
Image provided by Riot Games.

Divine Ascent: Gain a Kayle. She gains bonuses per star level.

Kayle’s carry Hero Augment is unique in that it encourages players to reroll and strive for a three-star Kayle, the ultimate hyper carry. As a Duelist, Kayle already boasts a high carry potential at one cost. With this Hero Augment, she becomes an even more formidable force. At one star, Kayle gains 30% attack speed. At two stars, she obtains two extra hexes of attack range. Finally, at three stars, she unleashes two additional bolts, each dealing 50% damage.

Essentially, with this augment, Kayle possesses a built-in Rapid Firecannon and a Runaan’s Hurricane. Such power in a one-cost Hero Augment is truly extraordinary.

As you venture forth in TFT Set 8: Monsters Attack!, keep in mind the extraordinary potential offered by these top Hero Augments. Mastering these augments will undoubtedly elevate your gameplay and lead you to victory. Happy augmenting!

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