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Simple Strike Sequence Golf: Master the Correct Method

Are you an aspiring golfer struggling to perfect your strike? Don’t be discouraged. Even professional golfers face challenges when it comes to consistent contact with their golf balls. But fear not, with a few tricks up your sleeve and a solid understanding of striking concepts, you can improve your stance and move your body in a way that is efficient and natural.

In this article, we will explore the simple strike sequence golf that can help you elevate your game. We’ll delve into the fundamentals of a golf strike sequence, understand its importance, and uncover the ideal steps to achieve a perfect strike. Plus, we’ll discuss common contact issues and drills to further refine your swing. And if you’re still struggling, we’ve got a few training aids to recommend.

What is a Golf Strike Sequence?

A golf strike sequence refers to a series of actions required for a successful golf shot. Many golfers struggle with this aspect as they lack knowledge of the proper actions and their execution. To achieve a perfect golf shot, it is crucial to learn and practice these actions.

Why is Golf Swing Sequence Important?

Improper strike sequences can result in missed hits or subpar shots such as duck hooks, slices, and shanks. However, by mastering the correct sequence, you can utilize your legs, shoulders, and hips to enhance your swing and gain control over your wrists, forearms, and elbows. Proper posture and technique will help you become a low handicapper.

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The Ideal Simple Strike Sequence Golf

While there are several ways to improve your strikes, we will focus on the most effective method. Though it involves multiple steps, it enhances your range of motion, making the game more effortless. The six parts of the ideal golf strike sequence include:

Address Position

The address position marks the beginning of the sequence. Stand with your club and ball in position, measuring the distance and aligning yourself accordingly. Keep your spine straight, waist slightly bent, legs shoulder-width apart, and knees relaxed. Hold the club in front of you with your arms hanging freely and avoid extending them to reach the ball.

Takeaway or Backswing

The takeaway is the first step of the backswing, where you swing the club back to prepare for the downward swing. Maintain a square club face and use your shoulder and arm muscles to bring the club to waist height.

Top of the Backswing

During this step, your club travels from waist height to the top of your head. Hinge your wrists while keeping your lead wrist straight and your trail wrist bent. Turn your hips, upper body, and wrists, ensuring your club points towards the desired target.

Weight Transition

The weight transition is a crucial part that connects the backswing to the downswing. Shift your weight as you reach the top of your backswing, focusing on your lead foot. Slowly transition your club to a parallel position with the ground and move your hips forward to shift the weight to your left side.


During the downswing, let your hands drop down on the inside of the ball, maintaining steady wrists. Utilize gravity to your advantage and allow the swing to flow naturally. Keep your trail elbow close to your body to maintain momentum.

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Impact with the Ball

Hitting the ball is not the end of the sequence. Mastering the impact is crucial for distance and accuracy. Manipulate the club in a way that maximizes the ball’s distance and trajectory.

How To Fix Your Contact Issues

If you struggle with proper contact, resulting in slices or inconsistent hits, a few adjustments to your strike sequence can make a significant difference.

Things To Avoid While Swinging

  • Avoid hitting the ball with the bottom of the swing, as it leads to fat or thin shots.
  • Avoid hitting the ball at the bottom of your swing with an open club face, as it causes shanks.

Things To Do While Swinging

  • Use your clubface to strike the ball first, utilizing its angle to achieve greater distance and control.
  • By focusing on the ball and not on hitting it, you can naturally hit the sweet spot.

3 Drills That Will Help Your Swing

In addition to improving your swing and contact, incorporating specific drills can enhance your overall performance. Here are three recommended drills:

1. Driver off Your Knees

Instead of standing as usual, try swinging from a kneeling position. This drill forces you to maneuver your body correctly and maintain the desired shape. It helps control movement and prevents hitting behind the ball. Swinging from your knees also stabilizes your swing and increases arm speed.

2. Trail Foot Back

Slightly altering your stance by placing your trail foot slightly behind can improve your swing dynamics. This drill assists with proper turning and prevents sliding off the ball, enhancing body impact.

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3. Lateral Hitting

Traditionally, golf is played from a slightly sideways position. However, practicing lateral hitting, where you aim straight at your target, can improve your posture and overall swing efficiency. Swing horizontally, keeping your arms bent and soft, and visualize your target.

Best Golf Training Aids

If you’re still struggling to perfect your simple strike sequence golf, consider incorporating helpful training aids. Here are a few recommendations:

1. SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer

This training aid focuses on tempo and grip, helping you improve your consistency with both woods and irons. It features interchangeable weights and assists with finger placement and achieving a tight grip. The compact design allows for convenient usage anywhere.

2. SuperSpeed Golf Training System

Ideal for increasing swing speed, the SuperSpeed golf training system offers different weights to suit your desired pace. Practicing for just 10 minutes a day can lead to a 5% increase in swing speed within six weeks.

3. Tour Stick Alignment Sticks

These affordable alignment sticks aid in improving ball position, swing plane, and putting alignment. Made of sturdy fiberglass, they come in packs of two and easily fit into golf bags.


Why is my ball striking so inconsistent?

Inconsistent ball striking often results from incorrect hand positioning on the golf club. If your club face is open or closed, you may unknowingly compensate with your swing. While this compensation can occasionally lead to successful shots, it often results in inconsistency.

How do you strike a golf ball correctly?

To strike a golf ball correctly, ensure the ball is positioned in the middle of your stance. Shift your weight to your front foot, place your hands forward, and practice swings to establish the correct contact point. Once confident, execute your swing.

Where should you aim when striking a golf ball?

Aiming at the back of the golf ball, closest to your body, is crucial for a successful strike. Hitting the inside of the ball allows for better control and optimal shot performance.


Now armed with knowledge about the simple strike sequence golf, it’s time to put it into action. By mastering the ideal steps, addressing contact issues, and incorporating helpful drills and training aids, you can significantly improve your golfing skills. So, what are you waiting for? Step onto the course today and elevate your game to new heights!

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