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The Optimal Mouse DPI Settings in VALORANT According to Expert Players

Understanding DPI

DPI, or Dots Per Inch, is a fundamental element of a player’s sensitivity that not only impacts how you navigate your computer but also affects your in-game sensitivity. It refers to how far your mouse moves on the screen, measured in pixels, for every inch you move your mouse.

Naturally, one might assume that a higher DPI setting provides better control since there are more pixels to work with, allowing for more precise edits in design programs. And while a high DPI can indeed assist in making minor adjustments, it’s important to note that practicing these small movements may require adjusting your Windows sensitivity.

High DPI also proves beneficial for high-resolution displays, where a lower DPI setting may take longer to reach the edges of the screen. However, when it comes to first-person shooters like Valorant, professional players prefer a low DPI setting.

Most Common DPI Settings Among Pros

According to current statistics in 2021, the following DPI settings are most prevalent among professional players:

  • 400 DPI: Used by 53% of users.
  • 800 DPI: Used by 37% of users.
  • Other DPI settings account for the remaining 10%.

While DPI settings higher than 800 may result in almost imperceptibly smoother movement, it’s essential to consider that excessively fluid motion is not always desirable. Opting for lower DPI settings, such as 400 DPI, ensures that a player’s aim remains snappy and easier to maintain at the exact headshot level. In this scenario, the crosshairs feel more locked in that specific plane of motion.

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Hence, the choice between 400 DPI and 800 DPI ultimately boils down to personal preference. However, it’s crucial to note that DPI is only one aspect of the equation. Valorant has a built-in sensitivity setting that needs to be calculated and taken into consideration.

Valorant eDPI & In-Game Sensitivity

eDPI, which stands for “effective dots per inch,” determines the distance your cursor moves in the game relative to your physical mouse movement on the desk. To calculate your eDPI, multiply your in-game sensitivity by your DPI.

Here are some standard DPI, Valorant sensitivity, and eDPI settings for professional Valorant players, sourced from

  • 100T Hiko

    • DPI: 1,600
    • Valorant sensitivity: 0.360
    • eDPI: 576
  • Liquid ScreaM

    • DPI: 400
    • Valorant sensitivity: 0.965
    • eDPI: 386
  • Sentinels ShahZaM

    • DPI: 400
    • Valorant sensitivity: 0.530
    • eDPI: 212
  • G2 Mixwell

    • DPI: 400
    • Valorant sensitivity: 0.690
    • eDPI: 276
  • C9 Vanity

    • DPI: 800
    • Valorant sensitivity: 0.283
    • eDPI: 226
  • Vikings Saadhak

    • DPI: 800
    • Valorant sensitivity: 0.400
    • eDPI: 320

Pro eDPI Ranges

Discussions often revolve around high sensitivity versus low sensitivity gamers. However, the interpretation of high and low sensitivity can vary depending on the game you are transitioning from. For instance, in League of Legends, the meta leans heavily toward high sensitivity. Conversely, in games like CS:GO, the eDPI meta tends to be lower, meaning even a player with relatively high sensitivity in CS:GO would fall somewhere in the middle of Valorant’s sensitivity spectrum.

Out of the 215 current Valorant professionals, 14 have an eDPI above 400, indicating a preference for high sensitivity. As for low sensitivity, only three professionals have an eDPI below the 150 threshold, representing the range of 200 to 150 eDPI as low sensitivity players.

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The majority of professional players prefer eDPI settings in the range of 200 to 250, striking a balance between low sensitivity for precise headshots and the ability to quickly transition between angles, akin to high sensitivity players.

Hence, it’s worth noting that the primary range accepted by professional players is 150 to 400 eDPI. However, the average eDPI for Valorant professionals is around 278, requiring approximately 47 centimeters or 18 inches to complete a full 360-degree turn.

ADS Sensitivity

Using weapons like the Vandal for tap firing from a distance or the Specter at any range can benefit from the aim down sight (ADS) mechanic. The average scoped sensitivity setting in Valorant is approximately 0.97, but this does not necessarily indicate the most common sensitivity used.

Unfortunately, data pertaining to professional players using that specific number is scarce. Instead, a staggering 81% of professionals in Valorant opt for a scoped sensitivity multiplier of one. This choice ensures consistent aim regardless of whether one aims down sights or not.

However, aiming down sights results in a slight change in the field of view, making your crosshair appear slightly faster. To counteract this effect, professionals use a sensitivity of 0.9 when aiming down sights, which averages out to 0.97 when accounting for both aiming and non-aiming scenarios.

In Conclusion

The aforementioned settings represent the preferred mouse sensitivity choices of professional players in Valorant. However, it’s important to keep in mind that personal preference ultimately governs these statistics, suggestions, and observations. Professional players have successfully employed a wide array of options, ranging from high to average to low sensitivity. All data presented in this article was sourced from

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