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Wild Hearts Claw Blades: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide


The Wild Hearts Claw Blades, known for their speed, agility, and devastating strikes, are an exceptional choice for players seeking quick and powerful attacks. With the ability to anchor themselves to enemies using a line, players can effortlessly maneuver around the battlefield, delivering a barrage of strikes before swiftly retreating. Although mastering the Claw Blades may require some practice, their potential for exhilarating gameplay makes them one of Wild Hearts’ most thrilling weapons. In this guide, we will delve into the details of the Claw Blades, including their movesets, technical intricacies, and more.

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How to Utilize the Wild Hearts Claw Blades

The Wild Hearts Claw Blades excel in acrobatics and utilize their tether for unparalleled speed. To unleash their full potential, players must engage in an intricate dance of maneuverability. By approaching the target, inserting the line into the Kemono’s flank, and utilizing it as an anchor point, players can perform gravity-defying flips and combos, remaining out of harm’s way until the perfect moment to strike. While controlling the Claw Blades may initially feel unconventional, the wide range of combos adds an extra layer of dynamism, making them a weapon worth mastering.

Moveset and Attacks

While the Claw Blades boast numerous combos and variations, the core moveset and controls are as follows:

  • X/A (after attacking): Enhanced jump
  • Square/X: Light attack
  • Triangle/Y: Heavy attack
  • R2/RT: Claw Plunge (embeds tether in the enemy)
  • R2/RT (when tethered): Rapidly pull yourself towards the tether point
  • Circle/B (when tethered): Swiftly orbit and dodge around the tether point
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Understanding the Weapon Gauge, Claw Plunge, and Claw Gauge

The complexity of the Claw Blades is further enhanced by the presence of both a weapon gauge and a claw gauge. Understanding their interplay is key to harnessing the full potential of these exceptional weapons.

The weapon gauge, represented by a small blue bar above the player’s health, increases as enemies sustain rapid damage from light and heavy attacks. However, the gauge remains dormant until the player executes a Claw Plunge, embedding the tether into the enemy. Upon performing the Claw Plunge, the weapon gauge depletes, transferring all progress to the claw gauge.

The claw gauge, depicted as a circular meter, represents the duration of the tether anchor. While anchored, the claw gauge gradually depletes during attacks and rapid movements, signifying the risk of dislodging the tether. The anchor provides increased maneuverability options and unlocks additional combos. Crucially, the higher the weapon gauge was at the time of the Claw Plunge, the more impactful each attack becomes. Therefore, maximizing the weapon gauge before executing a Claw Plunge yields optimal results in terms of anchor duration and damage output.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Claw Blades

Becoming proficient with the Claw Blades can be initially disorientating due to the rapid movements involved. Here are some tips to help you maintain control, even in mid-air:

  • Aim to insert the tether into a Kemono’s weak spot to maximize damage.
  • Utilize Claw Plunges off Karakuri crates and springs to significantly increase the claw gauge.
  • If the monster flings you away while tethered, utilize R2/RT to swiftly reel yourself back in and set up for a mid-air combo.
  • Use R1/RB to untether yourself prematurely if the situation demands it.
  • After executing a Claw Plunge, immediately press the button again to close the gap and resume an aggressive approach.
  • As you damage the tethered monster, your character’s glow intensifies, transitioning from yellow to orange and finally red. When your character radiates red, press R2/RT + Triangle/Y to unleash the devastating Wingblade Crescent Slash, the Claw Blades’ most powerful move.
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With these tips at your disposal, you’ll be able to unleash the full potential of the Wild Hearts Claw Blades, dominating the battlefield with their unmatched speed and devastating strikes.

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