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Twisted Fate Wild Rift Build & Guide: Master the Cards

Innate: Loaded Dice

Twisted Fate Wild Rift Build & Guide

Twisted Fate has a knack for earning extra gold in unconventional ways. His innate ability, Loaded Dice, rewards him with additional gold for eliminating enemy units and attacking champions while his 3rd ability, Stacked Deck, is active. This unique advantage allows Twisted Fate to secure a significant gold lead without relying solely on eliminating his lane opponent.

Q | 1st: Wild Cards

Twisted Fate Wild Rift Build & Guide

Twisted Fate’s Wild Cards serve as both his poke and primary damage-dealing ability. This skill boasts impressive range, allowing Twisted Fate to damage enemies in a straight line. Unlike Jhin’s Deadly Flourish or Zed’s Razor Shuriken, Wild Cards does not disappear after the initial hit, making it an excellent tool for clearing minion waves by casting it while they march in a linear formation. It’s worth noting, however, that Wild Cards can only damage each enemy once, so plan your attacks wisely.

W | 2nd: Pick a Card

Twisted Fate Wild Rift Build & Guide

The versatile skill, Pick a Card, allows Twisted Fate to choose from three cards that enhance his attacks and provide unique effects based on their color. Upon activation, three cards shuffle above Twisted Fate, and he can recast the ability to select the desired card. Here’s a breakdown of each card:

  • Blue: This card deals substantial single-target damage and refunds mana, making it ideal for sustained damage and mana management during the laning phase. Combining it with the bonus damage from Stacked Deck amplifies its potency.
    Twisted Fate Wild Rift Build & Guide

  • Red: The Red Card unleashes an area-of-effect magic damage around the target Twisted Fate auto-attacks, momentarily slowing them. When paired with Wild Cards, it becomes a potent combination for promptly clearing waves. In team fights, the Red Card can inflict significant AoE damage on clustered enemy champions.
    Twisted Fate Wild Rift Build & Guide

  • Yellow: This card stuns the target of Twisted Fate’s auto-attack. It transforms him into a fearsome force during ganks and team fights. Landing a Yellow Card often leads to kills for the team. It’s essential to utilize the champion lock button to ensure accurate hits and outplay opponents with well-timed Wild Cards. The Yellow Card also serves as Twisted Fate’s pseudo-defense mechanism, as enemies tend to show less respect when his W is on cooldown.
    Twisted Fate Wild Rift Build & Guide

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It’s worth mentioning that while Pick a Card triggers an auto-attack reset, it’s generally more effective to time the recast based on the desired card color rather than relying on it for the reset. The order in which the cards shuffle is always consistent: Blue, Red, Yellow.

E | 3rd: Stacked Deck

Twisted Fate Wild Rift Build & Guide

Stacked Deck acts as Twisted Fate’s DPS booster, granting his fourth attack additional magic damage. This ability can be activated to increase attack speed and trigger his innate passive, Loaded Dice, by hitting enemy champions while Stacked Deck is active. Additionally, Stacked Deck provides a small permanent attack speed bonus. To optimize burst damage, stack attacks before teleporting or using Pick a Card. During the laning phase, combining it with Pick a Card allows for more damage and additional attacks, maximizing the potential gold gain from Loaded Dice. However, be cautious not to overextend, as Twisted Fate lacks escape tools and can easily fall victim to ganks.

R | Ultimate: Destiny

Twisted Fate Wild Rift Build & Guide

Destiny, Twisted Fate’s ultimate ability, consists of two parts that separate skilled players from true masters. The initial cast reveals all enemy champions on the map, granting invaluable map awareness. The second cast allows Twisted Fate to teleport to a chosen location, boasting near-global range that spans 90% of the map when used from the middle lane.
Twisted Fate Wild Rift Build & Guide

The key to utilizing Destiny effectively lies in maintaining an acute sense of map awareness and macro strategy. Consider the following factors:

  • Keep track of the enemy jungler’s position to anticipate potential ganks or objectives like Drake, Rift Herald, or Baron.
  • Evaluate enemy health levels, cooldowns, and whether they’re attempting recalls or setting up plays.
  • Communicate with your team when intending to initiate fights or ganks using Destiny, supporting your jungler by leveraging your ultimate.
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A reliable strategy is to teleport in the direction the fleeing enemy is heading. Activate Pick a Card, select the Gold Card, and swiftly stun, attack, cast Wild Cards, and secure the kill. To catch opponents off guard, choose teleport destinations that aren’t overly predictable, such as hidden spots in bushes. It’s even possible to teleport directly onto an enemy engaged in a recall, camouflaging your teleport animation within their recall animation.

Finally, note that you can activate Pick a Card and select a card while channeling Destiny. Timing your first recall with reaching level 5 ensures you can swiftly join the action after your first purchase without missing any last hits or allowing the opportunity for a gank.

Combo: [Ult] + 2nd + 3rd + AA + 1st + AA

Now armed with a comprehensive understanding of Twisted Fate and his abilities, you can skillfully manipulate the cards and teleport through the realms of Wild Rift to seize victory.

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