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5 Optimal Loadouts for Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance

Destiny 2 players are eagerly awaiting the launch of Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes on the servers. These high-tier challenges offer the chance to reach Rank 10 and obtain bonus Adept weapons. In this article, we will explore different loadouts for Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes in Season of Defiance. While most of these builds are optimized for endgame activities, some can also be used in various other activities.

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is subjective and represents the opinions of the writer.

Recommended Loadouts for Destiny 2 Season 20 Grandmaster Nightfall

1) Poison Suspend Warlock (Necrotic Grip)

Since the release of Lightfall, countless builds have emerged. However, one loadout stands out for Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes when paired with two Exotics and a few Fragments. The key here is the “suspend” buff, which keeps elites and additional enemies out of the fight, creating breathing space.

To make this build work, you’ll need the Shackle Grenade as your Grenade ability. This grenade can suspend targets within an area when thrown among a group of enemies. It’s essential to have this ability available at all times, which requires a Discipline stat of at least tier 10/100.

The two mandatory Exotics for this build are the Osteo Striga Kinetic SMG and the Necrotic Grip Exotic Gauntlet.

The Fragments you need for this build are as follows:

  • Thread of Mind: Gain class ability energy after defeating suspended targets.
  • Thread of Continuity: Increase the duration of the suspend effect.
  • Thread of Isolation: Trigger a severing burst from targets after consistent precision shots.
  • Thread of Generation: Increase grenade regeneration simply by dealing damage.
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The loop here is to start the engagement by shooting your melee needles and activating the intrinsic perk of Necrotic Grip. Use Osteo Striga and Necrotic Grip to their fullest potential. Precision shots with Osteo Striga will spread poison and deal increased overtime damage due to Necrotic Grip.

During this loop, keep throwing your Shackle Grenades, preferably on Unstoppable Champions. Osteo Striga can handle Overload Champions, so make sure you have an Anti Barrier ready depending on the Strike. Throw your Shackle Grenades for suspension, followed by precision shots using Osteo Striga.

2) Fusion Burst Well Warlock (Starfire Protocol)

One of the most popular loadouts in Destiny 2’s endgame content is the Starfire Protocol Warlock combined with the Well of Radiance. This combination is a dream for any fireteam. However, additional buffs such as Firesprites in the Solar 3.0 update further enhance survivability in challenging situations.

To build this loadout, you’ll need the Starfire Protocol Exotic chest piece. Abilities that work well with this build include Fusion Grenade, Empowering Rift, and the Well of Radiance.

The Fragments you should focus on for this build are as follows:

  • Ember of Ashes: Apply scorch effect to targets.
  • Ember of Mercy: Increase Resilience and restoration by picking up Firesprites.
  • Ember of Char: Spread scorch from solar ignitions to affected targets.
  • Defeating scorched targets grants melee energy and creates a Firesprite.

Weapons for this build can be anything that allows you to damage enemies from your Empowering Rift.

To gain super energy upon Grenade kills, use the Ashes to Assets mod. As for Aspects, the essential one is Touch of Flame, which, combined with Icarus Dash, allows you to escape from crowded situations.

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The loop here is to spam your Fusion Grenades, followed by casting your empowering Rift to recharge your Grenades. Don’t hesitate to use your Well of Radiance in tough moments, as you can quickly replenish your super energy with Grenade kills.

3) Invisible On-Demand Hunter (Omnioculus)

In Grandmaster Nightfall, enemies can easily overwhelm you. Having a Hunter who can go invisible can be a game-changer. With their mastery of trickery, Hunters can make themselves and their allies disappear, providing a moment of respite during stressful Grandmaster runs.

To create this build, you’ll need the Omnioculus Exotic chest piece and maximize your Mobility stat to 100 for maximum dodge uptime. This Exotic grants you two melee charges, and the Trapper’s Ambush Aspect allows you to temporarily vanish.

The Fragments needed for this build are as follows:

  • Finisher final blows grant invisibility.
  • Echo of Persistence: Increased duration of invisibility.
  • Echo of Dilation: Increased super energy with final blows while surrounded by enemies (if lacking in Mobility), or Echo of Reprisal: Increased super energy with final blows while surrounded by enemies.

The loop here is to use your melee ability near your fireteam members to make them invisible. The more people you make invisible, the more melee energy you will gain as a refund.

4) Suspend Barricade Titan (Abeyant Leap)

Although Strand Titan’s super received some backlash before its release, this subclass has excellent synergies for endgame content. From providing damage resistance to allies to suspending targets on demand, Strand Titans are as mighty as any other subclass in the game.

For this loadout, you’ll need the Abeyant Leap Exotic, which becomes available after completing the Lightfall campaign. This Exotic improves the suspending bursts from barricades and grants Woven Mail, a buff that restores health, upon suspension of a combatant.

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The Fragments you can use for this build include:

  • Thread of Mind: Gain ability energy upon defeating suspended targets.
  • Thread of Transmutation: Create a tangle with weapon final blows while having the Woven Mail buff.
  • Thread of Generation: Increase grenade regeneration upon dealing damage.
  • Thread of Continuity: Increase the duration of the suspension effect.

The loop here is to cast your barricade and suspend enemies in front of you. This will grant you Woven Mail, which can be used to create tangles with weapon kills. Destroying these tangles will also give your allies the Woven Mail buff.

5) Unkillable Solar Titan (Loreley Splendor Helm)

Despite receiving a nerf, the Loreley Splendor Helm remains one of the most potent Exotics for Titans. This Exotic protects you after a critical hit, creating sunspots that enhance restoration and ability regeneration. The Exotic relies on draining a fully charged class ability or casting a barricade.

The Fragments needed for this build include:

  • Ember of Torches: Obtain the Radiant buff by hitting combatants with powered melee abilities.
  • Ember of Solace: Increase the duration of Radiant and Restoration effects.
  • Ember of Searing: Create a Firesprite upon defeating scorched enemies.
  • Ember of Mercy: Increase Resilience and restoration by picking up Firesprites.

The loop here is to continuously use your Throwing Hammer melee ability and activate Radiant for yourself and your allies. Having tier 10 Resilience will ensure your class ability is always available and activate Loreley Splendor’s perks when low on health. The essential Aspects for this build are Sol Invictus and Roaring Flames.

By utilizing these loadouts, Destiny 2 players will have a competitive edge in tackling the challenges of Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes. Remember to adapt your loadout according to the Season’s meta and have fun while pushing your boundaries in the game!

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