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The Ultimate Guide to ROK Equipment: Unveiling the Best Equipment Sets

Are you striving to conquer Rise of Kingdoms? As you navigate this epic game, you’ll discover that equipment plays a crucial role, especially in older kingdoms where players have already maxed out their technology and commanders. With the release of a new patch, obtaining equipment has become easier than ever. But before you dive headfirst into crafting legendary gear, it’s essential to equip your primary commanders with purple gear.

While spenders may initially enjoy a significant advantage, fear not, as the gap will eventually close. However, it’s important to know which equipment to avoid. For instance, if you already possess purple boots, investing in new legendary boots that only boost your stats by 2% isn’t worthwhile. Don’t waste your valuable materials! Instead, focus on equipping legendary weapons on all your primary commanders.

Some claim that Rise of Kingdoms is a pay-to-win game, leaving no room for free-to-play players in such a competitive atmosphere. But that’s not entirely true. Your skills can certainly help you earn great equipment, regardless of your spending habits.

If you’re seeking an updated equipment guide for Rise of Kingdoms, including both paid and freeways to obtain them, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into all the ways you can amass as much equipment as possible. Whether you’re a free-to-play player, a low spender, a mid spender, a high spender, or the biggest Kraken, this guide is suitable for you. Get ready to save both time and money as we begin without further ado.

Materials: The Building Blocks of Equipment

To craft formidable equipment in ROK, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the four types of materials: iron ore, leather, animal bone, and ebony. By combining four identical materials, you can increase their rarity. For example, epic materials can be upgraded into legendary ones.

Equipment Blueprints: Unleashing Your Crafting Potential

ROK offers a range of equipment rarities to choose from: normal, advanced, elite, epic, and legendary. To craft an equipment piece, you’ll need to combine 30 identical blueprints. Check the blacksmith to locate where you can find these blueprints. Simply visit the forge tab, and you’ll notice blueprint icons next to the materials. Clicking on them will reveal all available options for obtaining blueprints for that specific piece of equipment.

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Unlocking Free Ways to Obtain Materials

If you’re a dedicated Rise of Kingdoms fan, you’re likely familiar with the Blacksmith Building. This building allows you to forge and dismantle equipment, as well as craft, upgrade, and dismantle the materials used for forging equipment. But have you ever wondered how to obtain these materials without spending a fortune? Let’s explore some ways to do so:

1. Blacksmith Production

The most obvious way to acquire materials is by selecting what you want to produce in the Blacksmith Building. It’s as simple as that!

2. Daily Missions

Don’t overlook the importance of completing daily missions. Make it a habit to reach the two milestones – 40 and 80 points. Doing so will reward you with normal to advanced material chests. Ensure you finish all daily missions to earn a new equipment key, which grants you even more materials.

3. Sunset Canyon

Participating in Sunset Canyon (and Lost Canyon during KvK) on a daily basis is an excellent strategy for obtaining materials and blueprint fragments. Accumulate points and exchange them for material chests once you’ve met your other needs. Additionally, these can also yield legendary blueprints.

4. Periodic Events

Rise of Kingdoms hosts various periodic events, such as Ceroli Crisis and Shadow Legion. Make it a priority to participate in these events, as they offer a multitude of free materials. You may even stumble upon some legendary pieces!

5. Strategic Farming

If you consider yourself an active player, farming Barbarian Camps and Barbarian Keeps can prove fruitful. These activities provide a substantial amount of materials for your endeavors.

6. Freebie Alert!

Keep an eye out for the weekly free normal material choice chest in the VIP shop. Additionally, you can spend gems to purchase materials from the VIP shop; they’ll cost you some precious gems. Don’t miss out on free gems using ROK redeem codes.

7. Leveraging Seasonal Events

Take advantage of the plethora of seasonal and occasional events in Rise of Kingdoms. Osiris League shop and events like Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn are great opportunities to acquire more materials. Be sure to grab all the rewards associated with KvK events as well.

Paid Methods for Material Acquisition

Now that we’ve explored the freeways, let’s turn our attention to the paid methods. If you’re willing to invest, these strategies will yield the best results:

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1. Events

Leverage events like Archeological Dig, Holy Knight’s Treasure, and Esmeralda’s House to acquire more materials.

2. Gems Galore

Invest your gems wisely in the VIP shop to purchase additional materials. The value of the material will be proportional to the number of gems you invest.

3. The Geared-Up Bundle

For those looking to splurge, consider purchasing the Geared-Up bundle daily, which grants you up to one gold chest. Although it comes with a hefty price tag of $185 per day, it’s an option some players choose to take. Additionally, there’s another bundle that can be summoned upon creating a new piece of equipment. It offers a plethora of materials for a relatively cheap price.

4. Gem-Supply

Browse the shop for the 7-Day Material Supply and 30-Day Material Supply. These are excellent ways to gain a steady supply of materials.

Infusing Power Into Your Infantry March

Now, let’s discuss the best equipment choices for your infantry forces. We’ll cover all tiers of players, from free-to-play to high spenders. Please remember that these suggestions are just our recommendations, and you may have a different opinion. Let’s delve into each category:

For Free-to-Play Players

The full Windswept set is our top recommendation for free-to-play players. This set enables you to swiftly evade danger. Pair it with the Gatekeeper’s Shield and Karuak’s Humility for added health.

For Low Spenders

Low spenders should focus on acquiring epic equipment pieces along with two attack-focused pieces – Witch’s Lineage and Quinn’s Soul. When combined with special talents, these attack pieces shine. Another option is Sakura Fubuki, but bear in mind that it requires a special talent. Consider this option only if you’re in your home kingdom or KvK 1, 2, or 3.

For Mid Spenders

Mid spenders generally follow the same equipment build as low spenders. However, they should aim for the Hope Cloak for the chest and infantry set helm to enhance their performance.

For High Spenders

High spenders have access to the ultimate equipment build. This build includes two KvK pieces – Conqueror’s Helm and Hammer of the Sun and Moon – along with the Hope Cloak and Karuak’s Humility. Add the boots and gloves from the infantry set to enjoy the benefits of a 2-piece set bonus. Another approach is to use the Eternal Knight of Karuak’s Humility on three specific commanders: Zenobia, Constantine, and Harald. This balanced setup ensures a harmonious blend of health and defense.

Extra Build for Equipment Enthusiasts

For this special build, make sure you have all the mentioned materials and pieces, along with a special talent.

Crafting a Majestic Cavalry Force

Cavalry, the third unit you unlock in Rise of Kingdoms, holds tremendous potential. By utilizing cavalry troops effectively, you can gain significant advantages. Let’s explore the best builds for this versatile unit:

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For Free-to-Play Players

Free-to-play players should focus on a build that’s easy to craft. A combination of three Windswept pieces – boots, gloves, and chest – alongside the Expedition War Helm is a solid choice. Additionally, two pieces from the advanced Vanguard set, the weapon, and legs, can greatly enhance your performance. This build ensures swift attainment of special talents.

For Low Spenders

Cavalry boasts numerous pieces with high defense and health attributes, making it an ideal choice for low spenders. Upgrade your weapon, chest, gloves, and legs to solidify your cavalry force.

For Mid Spenders

Mid spenders utilize the same build as low spenders, but with two legendary upgrades – the chest and boots, both part of the cavalry set. These upgrades provide additional health, reinforcing the durability of your forces. Begin by swapping out the Windswept boots for the improved ones, then proceed to upgrade the chest piece.

For High Spenders

High spenders should prioritize the KvK helm, Pride of the Khan, and forge them for maximum effectiveness. Navar’s Control serves as your glove piece, while Ash of the Dawn complements your leg gear. Keep the Heart of the Saint until you’re certain you’ll be able to acquire a special talent for the 25% attack weapon.

Extra Build for Equipment Enthusiasts

Similar to the high spender cavalry build, this extra build relies on special talents to optimize material performance.

Constructing a Formidable Archer Squad

Archers, the second unit you unlock in Rise of Kingdoms, offer unparalleled firepower. To unleash their full potential, selecting the right equipment set is crucial. Here are the category-specific builds tailored to your needs:

For Free-to-Play Players

For free-to-play players, a combination of green, blue, and one purple piece, such as the Flame Treads, should suffice. If you’re unable to create epic shoes, stick to the white novice shoes, which provide defense and are more budget-friendly.

For Low Spenders

Low spenders should aim for a full epic equipment set, along with four pieces from the Revival set to gain extra stats.

For Mid Spenders

To achieve the 2-set bonus and enhance your health, mid spenders can replace two pieces – the chest and gloves – and forge the archer set equivalents.

For High Spenders

High spenders are encouraged to acquire all four components of the archer set. Additionally, equip the weapon and boots for an additional 3% skill damage bonus. Keep the two defensive Revival set pieces for added benefits.

Extra Build for Equipment Enthusiasts

For this build, specialize in each equipment piece. We recommend acquiring the Cavalry KvK helm, Pride of the Khan, and then obtaining an archer’s special talent. As with the previous cases, this build will yield optimal results if you possess special talents.

The Ultimate Equipment Inventory

In Rise of Kingdoms, the array of available equipment can be overwhelming. To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the equipment options. This list will serve as your go-to resource for comparing and deciding which equipment pieces to craft.

In Conclusion

Rise of Kingdoms stands as one of the most captivating games in existence. Armed with our recommended builds for different march types, you’re well-equipped to dominate the battlefield. Remember to start slowly and avoid investing all your materials in a single march. Strategize, experiment, and emerge as a formidable force in the world of Rise of Kingdoms.

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