Game Onechilledgamer Pet Tier List: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Pets! (August 2023 Update)

Are you a enthusiast searching for the perfect pets to enhance your gameplay? Look no further! With the recent addition of pets to the mobile game, finding the best companions can be a game-changer. However, with so many choices available, it’s important to determine which pets are truly worth your time and resources. In this comprehensive pet tier list, we will provide you with an updated ranking of the best pets, helping you make an informed decision. Let’s dive right in! Pets Tier List: Unleash the Power of Optimal Pet Combinations

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the latest and most reliable pet rankings, then this is the article you’ve been waiting for! Our pet tier list incorporates the newly released special pet, Gary, along with accurate rankings based on each pet’s primary and deploying skills. Rest assured, our rankings are carefully curated to ensure accuracy and effectiveness in the game. Without further ado, let’s explore each pet and rank them accordingly under the S, A, B, and C tiers.

Cheshire: The Beloved Feline Companion (C Tier)

First up is Cheshire, a beloved feline pet in the game. With her main skill, “Scratch,” she unleashes sharp claws to deal 200% ATK damage. Additionally, she gains a +25% damage boost when the survivor levels up. However, when analyzing her deploying skills, they offer advantages only to the pet, leaving the survivor with no significant benefits. Although her legendary skill, “Nine Lives,” may help you avoid death, its 100-second cooldown renders it less effective. Consequently, Cheshire finds her place in the C Tier, and we advise against using her in battles, especially during later stages.

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Shelly: The Resilient Turtle (C Tier)

Meet Shelly, a pet turtle who wields the “Turtle Surge” skill, smashing the ground to create a shockwave dealing 300% ATK damage. Similar to Cheshire, she gains a +25% damage boost when the owner levels up. While this skill is useful against mobs of enemies, Shelly’s deploying skills provide little benefit to the survivor. Her Epic skills, focusing on Shot Damage Reduction and Collision Damage Reduction, offer limited usefulness in the game. Additionally, her Epic and Legendary skills merely help the pet survive a little longer and revive faster, failing to provide substantial advantages to the survivor. Consequently, Shelly also finds herself in the C Tier. best pets

Crabobble: The Water-Blasting Crab (B Tier)

Next on our tier list is Crabobble, a pet crab armed with the “Water Shot” skill. This formidable skill allows him to fire powerful water bullets at enemies, dealing 500% ATK damage. These water bullets can even penetrate through two enemies. With a cooldown of 1.5 seconds and the added benefit of gaining +25% damage as the survivor levels up, Crabobble proves to be a valuable ally. His deploying skills focus on increasing his attack and skill crit rate, while his legendary skill, “Super Battle Lust,” reduces his ATK and Skill Cooldown by 30%, allowing him to utilize his skills more frequently. All these qualities earn him a well-deserved spot in the B Tier. pet ranking

Murica: The Patriotic Eagle (B Tier)

Say hello to Murica, a pet eagle that wields the “Dervish” skill, creating a whirlwind that deals 350% ATK damage. What sets Murica apart is that this whirlwind penetrates through all enemies, allowing him to damage multiple foes with a single attack. As with other pets, Murica gains a +25% damage boost when the owner levels up. His deploying skill, “Gargantua,” grants him a larger size than other pets, providing the survivor with the opportunity to hide behind him for both defense and offense. Furthermore, his legendary skill provides a 5% chance to deal 10 times the damage to enemies below 50% HP. These remarkable abilities solidify Murica’s position as another B Tier pet.

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Neemo: The Explosive Fish (B Tier)

Neemo, a playful pet fish, uses the “Bubble Bullet” skill to spit explosive bubbles at enemies, dealing 200% ATK damage. With a +25% damage boost when the owner levels up, her bubble explosions are ideal for damaging multiple enemies. However, her slow attack speed tends to hinder her effectiveness. Nonetheless, by evolving Neemo to the Epic grade, you can increase her skill’s range by 20%, providing a slight advantage. What truly sets Neemo apart is her legendary deploying skill, “Time Stop.” This unique skill freezes all enemies for 5 seconds when the survivor’s HP drops below 30%, rendering both the player and the pet invincible. However, this skill has a cooldown of 60 seconds. Despite her sluggish attack speed, Neemo’s exceptional legendary skill lands her a place in the B Tier. pets rank

DD-6: The Lethal Laser Robot (A Tier)

Prepare to meet DD-6, a pet robot equipped with three burning lasers capable of dealing 400% ATK damage to enemies. Similar to other pets, DD-6 gains a +25% damage boost as the survivor levels up. What distinguishes DD-6 is that each laser deals a whopping 400% damage, making him a formidable adversary. His deploying skills excel in reducing skill cooldown, reviving faster, reducing damage taken, and increasing inherited ATK. Furthermore, his legendary skill unleashes a devastating 1000% AOE damage with a mere 5-second cooldown. These exceptional qualities secure DD-6’s position in the A Tier. best pets to use

Gary: The Special Spongebob Event Pet (A Tier)

Introducing Gary, a special pet added to the game through the Spongebob event. This snail leaves behind a trail of corrosive slime while moving, dealing 200% ATK damage every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. Like all pets, Gary gains a +25% damage boost when the survivor levels up. What sets Gary apart is his deploying skills, which directly benefit the survivor by increasing Crit Damage and Crit Rate. While his legendary skill merely increases his inherited HP by 20%, the combination of his Crit Damage and Crit Rate boosts, coupled with the corrosive slime trail, cements Gary’s position as another A Tier pet. For additional details on Gary’s skills and how to acquire him, be sure to check out our dedicated post.

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Rex: The Mighty Canine Companion (S Tier)

If you’re searching for the best pet, look no further than Rex. This loyal pet dog employs loud noises, known as “yells,” to deal 250% ATK damage to enemies. What makes Rex exceptional is that his yells release three waves, covering a wide area and capable of damaging multiple enemies simultaneously. Furthermore, evolving Rex to Excellent grade allows you to increase both Crit Damage and Crit Rate for your survivor. Rex also selflessly takes 30% damage on behalf of the survivor after evolving to legendary grade. With these extraordinary qualities, Rex proudly claims the first spot in the S Tier. which pet is best

Croaky: The Venomous Frog (S Tier)

Lastly, we have Croaky, a pet frog that spits corrosive saliva, dealing 200% ATK damage per second for 2 seconds. With a cooldown of 1 second, this saliva dissolves enemies who land within its range, offering exceptional damage-dealing capabilities. Croaky gains a +25% damage boost as the survivor levels up, further enhancing his effectiveness. His deploying skills, like Rex’s, provide Crit Rate increases for your survivor, alongside a significant 10% Crit Damage boost after evolving to the legendary grade. With these remarkable attributes, Croaky secures a spot in the S Tier, surpassing even Rex’s prowess. pets tier list

So, there you have it! This pet tier list will enable you to make well-informed decisions when selecting the best pets for your gameplay. Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty, and embrace the power of optimal pet combinations. Don’t forget to share this comprehensive guide with fellow enthusiasts, and make sure to visit our website daily for more tips, tricks, and guides on and the latest Android games!

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